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Campaign Log: A brief history of time

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:16 pm    Post subject: Campaign Log: A brief history of time Reply with quote

In the beginning a group of childhood friends and some acquaintance they met in the tavern decided to have a lark and spend the night at the old Whittler haunted house on the edge of town. They were attacked by lots of giant insects, a rat but no ghosts (phew). Unable to find any treasure they looted the furniture instead!

Loading the purloined goods onto a cart the group travelled to the city where Bob Tallfella a ‘scout’ helped them dispose of the items. While celebrating their new found wealth in a pub the floor fell in as the Goblin invasion started…

After dealing the first wave of interlopers the party discovered there was a bounty on Goblins and decided to go collect heads. They tracked them back to some ruins north of the city and cleared out the catacombs.

Reading the ancient tombs Lisa learned about the holy Tear of the Goddess and persuaded her friends it would be a good idea to sail to the isles. For this they needed a ship and the party headed north, into the Danlands, to find one. Making a deal with a village chief to get a ship in exchange for killing the winged menace eating cattle the party headed to strange black tower (got to love side quests).

Having Killed the towers gargoyle guardians the intrepid crew headed inside to investigate (yeah we all know they just wanted the gold). Que-visa stopped to play the organ and, unbeknown to the rest, was possessed by a necromancer. Pahoee lost an eye looking through a keyhole (ouch) and the party decided to leave whatever elemental was contained at the top of the tower there! Now the village’s safety was assured they set sail across the ocean to the isles.

The isle was home to a family of white dragons that attacked the ship. The sailors managed to beach the damaged vessel. They said about starting repairs while the party tracked the dragons back to their lair for an epic battle! Narrowly surviving the encounter the party found treasure frozen into the walls of the cave. Basset quickly thawed it all out with a few fire spells.

Investigating the ruins of the temple the party found it overrun with undead which lead to might show down with the temples necromantic master in front of the corrupted tears. After the battle Que-visa’s passenger made his presence known and animated the dead body to give him a new home. He made a deal with our heroes letting them take the Tears, petrified people as well as the wand to return them to human form in exchange for being allowed to keep the temple as his new home.

Replacing the ships ballast with the dragons treasure the explorers headed home. Here they were able to sell the treasure of foreign coils for its weight in metal and rented a town house to share.

· Travel to lava temple fight ‘the thing’ get attacked by gold-dog on trip home
· Make deal with Un-hal to get the Knife of death in exchange for magic toys
· Accidently wipe out the druids while getting knife and create a new forest (Lisa gets mystical pregnancy)
· Rescue a traveller and find Bugbears inhabiting the old Goblin ruins
· Purify the first tear and almost wipe out the village of Walsy in the process!
· Travel back in time to save the people of Walsy as they are still alive and tell us we did this (time travel is such fun)
· Travel to Werelight attacked by rat-men (find it is actually populated by were-creatures)
· Travel into the Swamp and meet a Black Dragon who steals all our gold
· Purify the second tear in the catacombs under his lair and narrowly escape his wrath to get back to Werelight.
· Head north for the grand tournament and Og wins the grand melee and land.
· Visit Nettle find it full of evil fish-people and city watch burn it to the ground
· Lisa gives birth to baby boy; arrange for him to go live with Hulotte
· Head to Greater Hanglinton to find out about Benson and third Tear.
· Attacked by local tribe of Saurus and defeat the might Hyno-Toad find gate to somewhere else…
Ne cede melia,

Michael // Marlow // Sir Halvor von Yeagar
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Joined: 13 May 2004
Posts: 254
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Winter Stabcon 2012 – Trelheim Tournament. Og wins
Summer Stabcon 2012 – Nettle Village visit Loras attacked by fish-men
Winter Stabcon 2013 – No game due to snow
Summer Stabcon 2013 – Leave Nettle with children
Winter Stabcon 2014 – Return to Diaspar, Aiden born. Nettle destroyed
Summer Stabcon 2014 – No Game as Jones’ at Legoland
Winter Stabcon 2015 – Head to Pig country to find out about Benson
Summer Stabcon 2015 – The Great Hyno-Toad
Ne cede melia,

Michael // Marlow // Sir Halvor von Yeagar
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Joined: 13 May 2004
Posts: 254
Location: Sol 3 lat: 52:38:17N lon: 1:08:54W

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Event: Summer Stabcon 2015

17th – 18th July
We spend a day preparing for a giant frog hunt with Sir Berrit. He marshals a dozen men-at-arms with bows and pikes. The hunts master tracks the Frog to the same pool where Rowan’s horse was eaten. A trench was dug to drain the swamp water. Once the creature was visible Lisa cast water-walking on the group to allow us to attack. With the help of a celestial Archon the frog was quickly despatched but Ivana was sucked into the mud by black shapes that turned out to be giant tadpoles. The tadpoles kept nipping at the horses; Halvor tied a rope around himself and his horse and then jumped off at full gallop sliding across the mud (thanks to the divide protection) and pulled Ivana out. Berrit stands on the frog to stop himself getting bitten and is thrown a rope allowing him to be hauled to safety. There was a lot of mutterings about witches from the militia who were disturbed by seeing Halvor’s injured horse disappear and the Archon Lisa summoned.

19th – 21st July
The presence of tadpoles suggests a mate and the hunts master sets off to find it. On Sunday we got a message the male has been located and by Monday night we have set up camp outsides its lair. The lair is in a cave with a stream running outside. There are also piles of Saurus bones outside letting us know that the occupant is carnivorous.

22nd July
Having investigated we found the cave is actually the entrance to a ruined sunken temple. It is lots of funeral imagery and in the final room shows a golden coffin being carried by winged attendants into a ziggarut. However before getting there we had to deal with the occupant a giant Hypno-toad whose very stare caused men to stagger around dazed while he gobbled them up. Robin was the unlucky victim eaten by the beast and even with Rowan pulling on her legs he was not able to get her free before she was consumed. The beast was no match for the sharp blades and mystic bolts that carved into its flesh and was soon killed. The power of prayer combined with Basset’s fireball was able to deal with the score of skeletal warriors that came out of the other chambers to answer the beasts dying croaks.

Rowen's body was taken back to the camp and the rest of the temple explored. A large amount of treasure was found along with a sarcophagus. We agreed to leave it all in place in case there was a curse. In the last chamber of the temple is a strange vortex of powerful conjuration magic that appears to be a gateway to another land.

Returning to the camp we found Berrit and the militia gone but plenty of Saurus tracks in the area. After a long ride into the night we found the Saurus village and missing men. Combining magic and drawing pictures in the dirt we are eventually able to communicate with the Shaman and work out that Humans and Saurus vocal chords are in completely different ranges. The militia man who shot and killed a Saurus is put under arest and the next morning Lisa imbues Berrit with the gift of tongues and he negotiates a peace treaty with them. The Saurus will get pigs and chainmail in exchange for the shiny rocks (diamonds and rubies) they have found lying in the swamp.

24th July
Bedraggled the group returned to Hanglington Manor. Lisa and Halvor have an argument as he was insisting on following her to the city. Realising his true aim is to protect the Tears Lisa entrusted him with the purified stone. Qu-visa and Lisa then set off with all the horses, and Robin’s body, to ride as fast as they can to the city as it is the only way they can get there fast enough to return her soul.
Ne cede melia,

Michael // Marlow // Sir Halvor von Yeagar
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