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31 May 1941:VI - The Tiger's Lair - 'A Greater Malevolence'

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2003 11:59 am    Post subject: 31 May 1941:VI - The Tiger's Lair - 'A Greater Malevolence' Reply with quote

CHAPTER VI "The Tiger's Lair"

=Transmission Incoming=
=Silent Bird Encoded=
=Keyphrase:'A Greater Malevolence'=
=Message Begins=

Saturday 31st May, 1941.
The Office of Maj.Gen.Richtoven [Koalition Risk Assessor], Reichschancellory, Berlin, Germany.
Upon return to Germany and checking in an urgent message (three days old) to report to the General was found. Once there, he had other plans for the Team's next actions;

The Koalition plan to locate and abduct Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess as he, in his alleged weakened mental state, may yield valuable information about Mittekries activities. As the rather hurried briefing with Maj.Gen. Richtoven covered; Hess has been missing for about three weeks. The Socialist Reich Newspaper has been running stories that he had spent time in a mental asylum and has since been released. No mention of his current AWOL actions. The Fuhrer is quoted as saying "Rudolf is a dear friend and an instrumental founder of the 1000 Year Reich."
As the General stated; der Versteckt have been shadowing Hess for the past few days with varying success. Reports indicate that Hess could be a more skilled covert mover than was expected. Either that or he is being helped by someone with skills in this field. Der Versteckt report that Hess was last seen in Munich making plans to travel to Augsburg (home of the Messerschmitt factory - be advised that Hess is a skilled Test Pilot - this could be his means of egress).
The Fuhrer is obviously aware that Hess is on the run and undoubtedly the SS and the Gestapo are on the lookout for him. Hess is a well known face within the Third Reich so his progress across the country should be easily tracked. Perhaps the Fuhrer wants to keep this situation low key, even so Hess should have been picked up a long time ago. Is it some kind of trap? If so, a trap for whom..? Either way, Richtoven wants good men on the job. That means YOU!

Sunday 1st June, 1941.
Berlin, Germany.
Maj.Peters was able to arrange a VIP tour for himself (plus guests) of the Messerschmitt factory in Augsburg with the aid of his Luftwaffe contacts and allies. Turns out that the test flight of a modified ME110 is planned for the 3rd.

Monday 2nd June, 1941.
Augsburg, Germany.
Having arrived in Augsburg (via Munich) Lt.Dreher (or "Drener" as his papers have now been modified to state) wasted no time in making contact with a Versteckt agent in order to obtain up to date information on the shadowing of the suspected Deputy Fuhrer. The agent reported that Hess has already entered the factory and taken up residence within.

Tuesday 3rd June, 1941.
Messerschmitt Factory & Test Facility, Augsburg, Germany.
Having checked in as Guests under Maj. Peters' official invitation, and being billeted in the rather grand guest quarters in the on site Manor House, UJT-IX was taken on a VIP tour of the vast facility by Commandant Thorsten.

1400hrs, Messerschmitt Factory & Test Facility, Augsburg, Germany.
Prior to the test flight of the three modified ME110 the Team were taken on an inspection of the airframes, giving time for Reisse to have a jolly good rummage within these experimental aircraft.

The test flight took place as planned and Maj.Peters (plus guests) observed the metal birds take to the skies for the first time. Everything went according to the test flight plan.

No sign of Hess.

1700hrs, Test Hangar 3, Messerschmitt Factory & Test Facility, Augsburg, Germany.
Test Pilot Capt.Wolf, during a discussion with Maj.Peters, announced that there would be another extended range test flight on the 5th and, with the Commandants authorisation, Maj.Peters was invited to be on board during this test.

2200hrs, The Manor House Guest Quarters, Messerschmitt Factory & Test Facility, Augsburg, Germany.
After having checked in (and the clerk announcing that only the Team and the Deputy Fuhrer are staying in the Manor House at present) "Drener" conducts a quick scout of the opulent guest house and concludes that the Deputy Fuhrer must be staying in room number 32 on the 2nd floor. Meanwhile the rest of the team take a table in the bar and discuss further action well into the small hours of the morning.

Wednesday 4th June, 1941.
0100hrs, The Manor House Guest Quarters, Messerschmitt Factory & Test Facility, Augsburg, Germany.
Maj.Fleischer and "Drener" felt uneasy at one point and went for a walk in and about the house. Whilst on the 2nd floor the feelings of unease were at their strongest. Fleischer called on a quick ritual and caught sight of what appeared to be an Astral Wampyr prowling the interior of the Manor House!

0300hrs, The Manor House Guest Quarters, Messerschmitt Factory & Test Facility, Augsburg, Germany.
That night Lt.Reisse was roused by unusual sounds on the 2nd floor. The door to room 32 was slightly ajar and the sounds of pacing and anxious mumbling could be heard; "I have to go. It's after me. I have to stop the war. It's the only way. I have to go. It's after me. I have to stop the war. It's the only way..."
With the whole team awake and hiding out within Shikelgreuber's turreted room on the 3rd floor, Fleichser and Peters investigate the dark Manor;

On the grounds floor and couple of MP's arrive with a dog and patrol the ground floor for a few moments. These two guards were seen reporting to a couple of Gestapo officers outside, from Shikelgreubers window, afterwards.

Hess was seen standing at the top of a flight of stairs, in full dress uniform, staring down into the darkened half-landing. He was mumbling, talking to himself under his breath, almost arguing with himself or an unseen other. Moments later he returned to his chambers and it sounded like he was sobbing.

Shikelgreuber summised that if Hess was talking to the Astral Wampyr this posed an interesting situation. The Wampyr could be hounding or tormenting the man, or it could be tasked to watch over him by himself or another. Hess definately made reference to a third entity during the evenings developments (if he was heard correctly). This lended credence to the Astral Wampyr acting as a 'Watchdog'. Wampyr are notoriously mischievous and can rarely be relied upon.
Also, it is unlikely that the Wampyr is possessing Hess by the way in which both he and the beast are behaving. Shikelgreuber also deduced that Wampyr are weary of possessing those of unsound mind or those whom may be in possession of a greater malevolence.
Shikelgreuber also remembered parts of a preparation called 'Vorath's Reach' that may act as some kind of charm against such entities.

"Good day to you, Deputy Fuhrer."

=End Of Transmission=
=Keyphrase Reset=

NEXT GAME : Thursday 23rd, Kev's place @ 1930hrs.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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