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PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2004 5:08 pm    Post subject: END OF CHAPTER VIII - Dreamlands Reply with quote


After the success of one of the most daring missions ever undertaken, the abduction of the Deputy Fuhrer, it was widely believed that finally some real answers about what the Mittekries was up to could be obtained. Hess did not come alone however. It was abundantly clear that measures had to be taken to deal with the unseen companions - a prison - a chamber warded as a barrier in space time and totally cut off from the light of day. Events over the next few days were to test the resolve of every man, both physically and mentally, and put into question the overall security of Protivin Castle.

To add horror to confusion, Engel Platoon found themselves fighting off a wild beast that walked thru walls and filled the castle's narrow passages with a blinding white fog. The animal prowled the old corridors until it found Hess whereupon he was viscously killed. All others, save for the isolated mental psychosis and kiss of death, made it through the experience unharmed. It was clear that things were never going to be quite the same again, and stranger experiences were to follow.

From the relative safety of Protivin Castle, the hub of the Koalition movement, perhaps the most unusual journey a man can undertake began - a journey into the much talked of Realms of Greater Existence.

"As implausible as this sounds..." began Drittesauge "...I intend to instruct you in the ways of lucid dreaming and arm you with the knowledge that will allow you to recognise certain landmarks within your dreams that, if followed, will lead you into the Greater Realms Of Existence."

Implausible it certainly was and withstanding Von Jager's attempts to fathom the implications with accepted scientific terms, for all but Peters and Dreher, the dream unfolded behind sleeping eyes.

Within, events where to transpire that thwarted any attempt to conduct intended business; Encounters with blackmailing Ghouls as a result of a terrible accident that took place on the imposing bridge of Ygiroth years ago; The destruction of the homestead of a lifetime dreamlands companion of Gerhard's at the hands of a tremendous beast of horrors (the bungalow collapse of which threatened the death of Ekhart) that was apparently under the employ of Elgin The Carrion Eater; The eventual murder of Elgin in the name of experimentation; The possible sighting of an old adversary ...and other events that faded from waking memory as all dreams tend to do.

In the waking world, a medium bomber, hijacked by a small group of desperate Czechoslovakian Rebels having fled from a bungled munitions factory raid, limped over the morning mountains having been cleverly gradually steered away from the hijacker's intended course by the captive bomber captain. Loosing height and oil pressure, and with the lake around Protivin Castle being the only flat area for miles around, the bomber belly-flopped into the water and beached itself. Six dead rebels, one rescued bomber captain and a 30ft bomb blast crater later, a peace for which this site was originally selected returned.

That very night a return journey was made to the Dreamlands in order to obtain answers to some increasingly pressing questions. On arrival the brutal murder of a gang of Ghouls, ritualistic and indicative of a long forgotten tyrannical ruler, evidence also connecting these killings to Elgin and a foreboding ruined city at the foot of Mount Lerion, provided an unpleasant welcome. Clearly unseen and secretive events were unfolding here. More questions.

For the remainder the journey to consult the Ghoul Sage Ammar Mushtaq in Ulthar passed uneventfully, yet pleasantly. For the first time a full appreciation for the dramatic lush green landscape of this realm could be absorbed. A direct and poignant contrast to war torn Europe. Audience with the venerated Sage at the Temple Of The Elder Gods went well and armed with a new knowledge the way ahead seemed that much clearer.

On return to the waking world matters of 'reality' hit home hard. General Richtoven was keen to get moving on outstanding projects and put pressure on the team to complete these duties. Axel received word from home that his wife could be seriously ill and compassionate leave was granted. Dreher was assigned an important task by C to act as the contact for a fellow Abwehr agent who had managed to infiltrate the Fuhrer's Office Staff. Von Jager, the Zellenlieter for Cell 17 of the Nazi Party in the Andechs region of Munich, maked plans to return in order to supervise some rather delicate official business.

Leaving the safety of the mountains the team headed off for the heavily bomb-damaged city of Dresden, ultimately destined for Munich to put into action the first stage of dealing with the small matter of two escaped Astral Wampyr...

Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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