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24 Feb 1941:CHAPTER V - Final Transmission - 'CROSSED ROAD'

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:33 am    Post subject: 24 Feb 1941:CHAPTER V - Final Transmission - 'CROSSED ROAD' Reply with quote

END of HAZARD CHAPTER V "Ödland-Sturm"

=Transmission Incoming=
=Silent Bird Encoded=
=Keyphrase:'CROSSED ROAD'=
=Message Begins=

Monday, 24th February, 1941.

Tripoli, Lybia, North Africa
To cut a long journey short; UJT-IX have made it to the staging post for the assembling Afrika Korps, Tripoli.


Tending To The Injured.
Fleischer (and others with physical injury) will be admitted to military hospital facilities to begin treatment.

Leiben will be sent to see the resident Psychologist to begin treatment. Initial assessment indicates a lengthy process to work through all of his psychological difficulties (several months, at least, of regular sessions).

Field Debriefing.
The resident Koalition officer is one Major Hubert Becker of the Heer. He will have taken your debrief in a secure location within the city of Tripoli. During the debrief he would have said very little, speaking only to ask the occasional question. All in all he seemed less than emotional regarding some deeply unusual information! That said, he will have had the details of the debrief copied and packed into a small Reich Dispatch case no doubt bound for Berlin Koalition HQ in the Reichschanncellory.

Maj. Becker would then ensure that you are kept in good health and comfortable residence until word is received from the Koalition.


The Open Grey Summit.
The Koalition want to set up an Open Grey Summit as soon as possible to discuss several pressing matters in relation to recent discoveries (including information obtained by other UJ Teams)...

When the Koalition call a meeting of high ranking officers (doesn't happen often for obvious reasons) they grade the 'summit' using a colour code indicating the importance of the matters on the agenda. The colour cycle (from low to high priority) is as follows: White; Grey; Black. Such a meeting is also classified as 'Open' (lower ranked operations specialists are present) or 'Closed' (only the higher echelon of Koalition officers allowed to attend). Such meetings are, obviously, conducted under the highest security and few even know that such meets take place.

...Uberrest-Jager Team IX's presence will be requested as Operations Specialists. Items on the agenda are as follows:

Item 1) General discussion regarding unclear matters contained within the details submitted by UJT-IX past and present.
Item 2) General discussion regarding the possible application of recent discoveries.
Item 3) Fielding of initial plans and feasibility of constructing a dedicated X-Facility (CODENAME:Project Kondor) to house specialists overseeing work regarding various subjects (CODENAME:Wildman; Blood and Spinal Fluid analysis labs; Child Of Destruction ritual fragment reconstruction; Flagstone of Jadd experiments).
Points to cover: location; validity of projects; safety precautions; project prioritisation.
Item 4) Plans to locate another 'Druid Circle' and construct a facility around it much like the one discovered beneath the Ore Mountain Processing Plant on the Czechoslovakian boarder at Barenstein. UJT-IX have the most experience in this field so their input would be considered valuable.
Item 5) Based on current observations, how much of this do we suspect that the Mittekreis already has access to?

The location of the Summit has yet to be confirmed. It is likely to take place in Italy or Germany.

The Star Temple At The Source Of The Nile.
Maj.Becker will field any plans to undertake another expedition to the Star Temple suspected to be located close to the Sudan in southern Egypt. Final decision lies with Rommel as he is in command of all Afrika Korps resources. Becker doesn't hold much hope for anything extensive, but it's possible. "If you are serious, I'll try."

Reisse Recovered.
Lt.Reisse is now fit for duty and has received orders to rejoin his team in the field of operations. "Your flight leaves at 0700hrs tomorrow morning."

Schneider Lost.
Word of Schneider's death in the field of duty has been duly noted and his immediate family will be informed that he died with honour furthering the reach of the Third Reich. He has been posthumously awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.

=End Of Transmission=
=Keyphrase Reset=

Well, there you have it. That's the official immediate developments. Now for the remaining 'loose ends'...

1) Franzkopf - "Where, when, who with, how do we get our hands on him?"
2) Search for the Lost City of Jadd - Exploratory excavations at several sites in Germany met with red tape c/o Maj.Krieg of the Gestapo. How much poking about have he (and the Gestapo) been up to while you were all away?
This links to Summon Child Of Destruction ritual fragments and the search for something know as the Flagstone Of Jadd (from which to cast the ritual without invoking a cataclysm).
3) Fleischers Restorative research - should be coming of age about now. Wink>
4) Glyphstones - How do they work and how do we get more invocations to utilise them properly?
This also links to finding out more about Lay Lines and the possible link to the placement of such ancient Druidic sites.
5) What has become of the Polish Prof.Alice Schwiliche since she was taken under the wing of the Koalition?
6) What has become of the British Prof.Sarah Happley (was studying the CODENAME:Wildman phenomenon and some Child of Destruction ritual fragments) who was captured during OPERATION:Versammlung in England?
7) What is CODENAME:Reichsfreund and what is it's connection with the Glyphstones?

A wee bit to be getting on with, no? Wink>
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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