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Some people I saw at the weekend

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Nicebut Jim

Joined: 08 Mar 2004
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2004 7:19 am    Post subject: Some people I saw at the weekend Reply with quote

Well I saw one of the organisers at the weekend, the one responsible for most of the Gevou stuff.
he's bloody impressed by our turnout this time, however he says that a couple of backgrounds are outstanding!
Mike R got the award for the best background!
And we will officially be the biggest combat group there.

I also spoke to the guys who play the Feodi, they aren't coming this time as it clashes with a CP event (and they are all the refs!)
The Nice Guy
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Joined: 25 Sep 2003
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Location: Iddheim

PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2004 7:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Whoo-hoo to Mike!

Largest (combat) group there?! Feodi were large I s'pose. Damn. This means we're gonna have to do more work. Wink

So I assume they're having difficulty filling the remaining player places? How goes the monster crew recruitment do you know?
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2004 3:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah, it'll be great! especially as it's gonna be in a dangerous place outside of the empire!

didn't ask about the remaining spaces, I do know they are still needing monsters!
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PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2004 5:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Woo hoo to me!

Who am I? Who is my family? What is my past?
I am Armis Pais. My ‘former’ father Harvard Pais was a hereditary noble of The Imperial Hegemony. Due to short fallings in my father’s estates he married my mother, the daughter of a prominant jewelry and antiques merchant. However, no sooner had the marriage contract been sealed and her lawless and corrupt kin sank their talons into the belly of our noble family. Influenced by their corrupt whisperings and the profits that followed my family began to evade taxes and deal with corrupt officials unworthy of our recognition.

Even as a child I have always been a reverent church goer and follower of Vortainius. He whose laws bind this world together and prevent the faithful from falling into the anarchy of lawlessness. May He witness the truth of this testimony. My family’s fall into these ways sickens and disgusts me still. At the earliest opportunity I begged my father to send me, under the care of our district priest, to study in the holy city state of Tarin. My father though would not loosen his purse to fund my education on the Holy Isle, preferring that I study arms and politics as he thought befits a son of House Pais. After much begging, he eventually allowed me to attend study every sixth day under the guidance of our district priest. In these studies I excelled, quickly picking up the intricacies of law and religous doctrine.

Under the priests guidance I grew more vituous in my ways and sickened by my families fall into decadence. Eventually, I could bear the shame of their sin no longer and with the even-handedness of the devout reported their crimes to the church. The local justice ordered the confiscation of property which had evaded lawful taxes and the seizure of assets gained in the course of corruption. My family, however, did not appreciate the leniency of the sentence, which had been granted as only due to my pleas to the local priesthood. Their actions could easily have been interpreted as treason. Hence I was cast out from my former family. My former father’s vow of vengence for my treachery (I will not dwell on the irony of this accusation coming from such man) means little, as I am reinforced by my certainty in the teachings of Vortainius. Hence, at little past my 14th season I found myself fleeing my the Imperial Hegemony for the remote Realm of Gevou.

How did I arrive on Gevou? Who do I serve?
I arrived on Gevou young and full of the arrogance and invincibility of youth; but fleeing for my life and with nothing to my name, bar the arms I carried. I quickly found that without a benifactor education and study counted for little, as my pride prevented me from working as a common scribe. This left my training at arms.

Hungry and desperate, but refusing to steal, I found myself at the doors of House Corvid. A House folk told was honourable in action, but willing to sign on a soldier regardless of his past. After being tested by their master-at-arms and being told I was ‘almost satisfactory’ I swore my oath of loyalty to House Corvid and was enlisted as a guard. Under their rigorous training my skill at arms increased. My previous study of politics and religion, however rudimentary by Imperial standards, was also noticed in this rural Cantref. Under close supervision, I was assigned to be a sparing partner and sometimes companion of young Lord Garret Corvid.

How did I join the priesthood? What are my duties?
Nine seasons past, and six after I had sworn loyalty to House Corvid, the fates once again wove the path of my life down a different thread. I was attending the trial of a prominant shipping merchant. Presided over by the High Justive of Gevou himself! The merchant was found guilty of collaboration with pirates and as mandated by sacred law was summarily sentenced to death. After the trial I took it upon myself to follow the High Justice back to his residence; few members of House Corvid have the patience to discuss the mandates of law with me and even the opportunity of speaking to such a prominant personage was to good to pass-by.

Suddenly, on the route back, bolts flew from upper story windows. Both of the High Justice’s Knights fell instantly and more arrows tore through the curtain of his pavilion. Thugs, pirates most likely, surged forth from an adjacent tavern, led by a huge bull of a man. Without thinking I charged forward, leaping to the defence of the High Justice. With five of them against me I could do little more than fend off their blows and urge the High Justice to fall back.

As the High Justice crouched behind my shield I felt the wood and the last line of our defence begin to splinter.

“Swear upon your honour that you will protect me as your charge!” screamed the High Justice.

Again, without thinking the words sprang from my lips, “upon my honour and in the name of Vortainius I swear that I shall stand firm”.

“So be it! Vortainius I beseech thee to hear my blessing and hold this man to his word. So long as he defends his sworn charge let his shield arm hold firm.”

No sooner had those words been spoken, my fatigue vanished and miraculously my splittering shield held firm. Time blurred as I fought on, exchanging cut and blow with our assailants. Eventually, the sounds of horns arose over the clashing of steel. The town guard came charging to our rescue and driving the pirates off.

Upon questioning the High Justice was surprised to learn that not only was I a devout of Vortainius, but it had always been my hearts desire to study of the priesthood in Tarin. An oath of loyalty to House Corvid is an oath for life and not one I could be realeased from. However, as a reward for my service the High Justice ‘persuaded’ House Corvid to grant me sabatical to study in Tarvid.

After years of hard and dedicated study I was initiated into the priesthood and through my skill as arms was enrolled as a Knight of Vortanius. Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that Marcus Corvid had assassinated his father in an attempt to seize House Corvid’s lands. The local representative of the Church had been killed by Marcus to prevent him from investigating his crimes. The High Justice summarily returned me to service with House Corvid as the slain priests replacement and to my honour appointed me as his champion in the region.

Where is my home Realm? Who other lands do I know?
I hail originally from The Imperial Hegemony, where I grew up the devout son of noble. Many merchants and nobles travel to The Hegemony and as such I have had contact with a wide variety of cultures. However, nearly a quarter of my life has been spent studying in the holy city state of Tarin, learning how to spend my life bringing the justice of Vortainius to the unenlightened.

I now reside in Gevou, where by divine ordinance, I am appointed representative of the High Justice.

What work do I do? How do I spend my time?
I act as companion and advisor to Lord Garrett as well as the voice of the High Justice of Gevou in lesser trials matters where his presence is not required.

I have little spare time from my duties and official functions that I must attend. However, in the little time I have available I may be found sampling fine wines, discussing the philosophy of law or practising the art of sword craft.

What do I value? Who do I serve? What do I hope for?
Peace and prosperity can only be brought about by firm governance and the rule of law. Therefore, Vortainius’ teachings and the rule of law form the guiding principles of all that I do in guiding House Corvid. I serve Vortainius in my spiritual capacity, which manifests itself in the temporal by bringing stability and justice to the Realm of Gevou. This is my life’s work in which I will not fail.
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