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Student Nationals 2004 - 40k Tournament Rules

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 2:20 pm    Post subject: Student Nationals 2004 - 40k Tournament Rules Reply with quote

Student Nationals 2004 - 40k Tournament Rules

Please read the following rules carefully. If you spot any mistakes or have any queries about the 40k tournament then please contact Simon Crowe at simon_crowe@hotmail.com

Army Selection:
• Your army must cost no more than 1,500 points.
• All armies must be chosen from a published Games Workshop Codex (including Codex: Armageddon and Codex: Eye of Terror). Chapter Approved list are also allowed provided they are not 'with opponent's consent only' (so no Death Company, Eldar Harlequins etc.). Tank companies are not allowed.
• The Codex or Chapter Approved list used must have been released at least four weeks prior to the event.
• The army must be taken from the standard mission force organisation chart.
• No Special Characters are to be used at all, even those that do not require your opponent's consent (e.g. C'Tan, named Tyranid creatures etc.). The only exception to this rule is that a Black Templar army may take The Emperor's Champion.
• Tyranids may not use the Mutable Genus List or Monstrous Creature design rules.
• Players may not use the Vehicle Design Rules. Neither may they use any Forgeworld Vehicles that aren't listed in the Codex they are using.
• No allies are allowed.
• If you are unsure whether a particular army you have chosen is legal, send the details to the address above.

What to bring (as well as your army):
• Players must bring a legible army list for their force. Points will be deducted if this is not provided.
• A copy of the Codex or Chapter Approved list being used.
• Dice, a tape measure and any templates your army requires.
• A 40k rulebook and any FAQs and White Dwarf Articles that are relevant would also be helpful.

Tournament Rules:
• The tournament will use all the relevant official rules and supplements released at least four weeks prior to the event. This includes all Chapter Approved rules clarifications.
• All the latest FAQs from Games Workshop will be used, these can be found in White Dwarf and Chapter Approved annuals. Make sure you read these prior to the event.
• The only trial rules to be used will be the Trial Assault Rules from the latest Chapter Approved compilation.

NB: The GW website has a lot of information, FAQs, trial rules etc. Players may like to take a look at these as in some cases they may be relevant. However the GW updating policy can be a bit scrappy and information from the web is not always the most recent. Any thing in White Dwarf and Chapter Approved are to be used.

The games will take place of the course of the two days, with three games on the first day and two on the second. Each game will be a different scenario, which will be announced at a later date (possibly on the day). The scenarios have been chosen and designed as best they can to encourage balanced forces although of course your army selection is entirely up to you

When deploying each unit on the battlefield take time to tell your opponent about the unit you are deploying, its equipment, skills, special rules etc. If any models aren't entirely representative of what they are supposed to be you must tell your opponent. It is permissible to ask to look through the Codex for the army you are facing, although try not to hold the game up too much.

During each game try to discuss any rules queries and other discrepancies between you and your opponent. Roll a dice if necessary. If there is a strong disagreement call over a judge who will pass a ruling on the situation once both players have presented their side of the discussion. Once a judge has passed his ruling do not try to argue, just carry on playing the game.

At the end of each game, swap army lists with your opponent. Check whether your opponent's list is the army you just faced and to the best of your knowledge legal. If there is any discrepancy in your mind discuss it with your opponent and if you are still unsure call a judge. Illegal armies will be deducted points at the judge's discretion.

Once the game is over fill in the form that you will have been given during the game. This will list your name, the name of your opponent, the result of the game and the sportsmanship points you wish to award the opponent. Hand these forms in to a judge.

The tournament will use a modified Swiss system. Players will be drawn randomly against each other for the first game. For subsequent games players will be paired up against other players who have done roughly as well as each other in the tournament up to that point. Players may not play each other more than once. An attempt will be made not to draw players from the same university against each other although sometimes this may not be possible.

Points System
Tournament points are scored in three categories. Most points will be awarded for playing and winning games however there are also points for painting and sportsmanship.

After the first game please display your army on the board that you just played on, along with a legible copy of your army roster and your name written somewhere. The judges will then look at each army and award points based on the following criteria. Fulfilling each is worth 5 points.
• If the army is What You See Is What You Get, so all models are representative of what is listed in the army list, carry the appropriate weapons and armour etc.
• If every model is painted in at least three colours and based (minimum flock or other texture).
• If detail has been applied to each model.
• If there is some sort of 'wow!' factor to the army. This may be a really cool conversion or a great theme.
Obviously in some of these cases some amount of judges discretion is required. If your army is all incredibly well painted except for one model that you did not have time to finish we may still give you four or five points for the high standard of painting. It is no good pleading or arguing with the judges to give you more points, as their decision is final.

In addition the judges will award a best army prize to the army they think is painted the best or has the best conversions or theme. One player will receive this prize at the final awards ceremony although it does not convey any extra points for the tournament.

For each game you will be provided with a form to fill in once the game is over. This will include a box to write in the sportsmanship mark you wish to award your opponent. You may award them 1 to 4 points. Awarding 1 points represents you found your opponent particularly unsporting, perhaps because he was rude or constantly tried to bend the rules in unfair ways. Awarding 4 points represents you had a very fun game where you found you opponent friendly and any disagreements were handled well. You may award 2 or 3 points if you thought the game was neither of these two extremes. Note that sportsmanship points should not be awarded based on your opponent's army selection, only on the opponent themselves.

Note that if you give or receive a large amount of 1's then questions may be asked by the judges as to the reason. At the end of the tournament the five sportsman ship scores you awarded will be totalled up and added to your score.

Judges are entitled to deduct sportsmanship points if a player argues heavily with them or disrupts the tournament in some way.

Each scenario will use the victory points system. At the end of the game total up the victory points your opponent received for destroying your troops. Add any extra victory points they gained due to scenario specific rules. Make sure both players agree on the final victory points then find out the difference between the two. Refer to the following chart to find out the level of victory the winner achieved.

VP Difference Result
0-250 Draw
251-500 Minor Victory
501-1000 Major Victory
1001 + Massacre

On the form provided write the level of victory next to the winner's name.

Tournament points are then awarded based on the level of victory or defeat you received.

Result Victor's Points Loser's Points
Draw 10 10
Minor 13 7
Major 17 3
Massacre 20 0

Final Points:
As can be seen the gaming side of the tournament holds a possible 100 points, painting 20 points and sportsmanship 20 points for a total of 140 points. After the final game the judges will total up each player's points for all categories and the players placed in their final standing order.

In the unlikely case of a tie among the top three places it will be looked at if the two tying players played each other. If so, and the result was not a draw, then the winner of that game goes ahead of the other in the standings. If this method or any other the judges devise cannot resolve the discrepancy then the results will be left as a tie.

The final results will not be announced until the awards ceremony.

Final Judges Note:
Although judges are referred to constantly throughout these rules it is our hope that we will not have to use our power to deduct points. This is supposed to be a friendly tournament between players of 40k from various universities around the country. These rules are unfortunately necessary in case of players who seek to spoil the enjoyment for others. So the final rule is: A judge's decision is final.
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