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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 5:07 pm    Post subject: ECH:> CONCERNING Taiki Reply with quote

Almost every night’s sleep sees the gradual reconstruction of hitherto buried memories of Taiki’s recent life. As the strands began to unravel from the veil that once hid a large part of his life from him, secrets shrieked to make themselves heard.

On secret, one memory reconstructed, had Taiki stood within an area of total whiteness; a freshly purged compartment in his mind. A young man in a white lab coat, almost lost within the space of white if it were not for the punctuations of a pen in his breast pocket and dark buttons along its front, stood before Taiki and smiled. He spoke, as he did when this event first took place, but this time Taiki’s mind was only reconstructing the parts of the conversation that were lost to the confusion:

“If you forget all else you must remember this: you are a warrior of the Kami, you are now Sabu-Rau, and you are not alone. You must seek out the other Sabu-Rau and unite them. Only when we are working together can we break the siege that is starving the palaces of the Kami.

“I am Sabu-Rau, like you, and I have made it my mission in the last few years to lay down clues that only other Sabu-Rau can follow; but, I am about to sever my connection to the constructs and so isolate myself within that withered shell that I once called my life. I have done all that I can for now.

“Taiki, a soldier must know his foe and we know ours. The gift of the Kami means that you will know our enemy only when you see nothing. All Sabu-Rau know that they are different but they may not yet know that they are part of a family, and you need to convince them of this.

“Taiki, seek out a Sabu-Rau who goes by the name Ahab Point Five Zero. He is destined to undertake a great action but he is not beyond the need of help, even if his own pride tells him otherwise.

“One more thing, Taiki: Isumi is not Sabu-Rau, only the Kami know why. There will be many others like her for we are few, but they have a far greater honour open to them if they choose to fight along side us. As Sabu-Rau our duty is laid out before us but those who choose to join us will serve their descendants as powerful liberated spirits, a new and honoured chapter within our national temperament.

“The Dark Land has never been so close.”
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