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ECH:> "12 OUT OF 36"

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 3:30 pm    Post subject: ECH:> "12 OUT OF 36" Reply with quote

from the

"12 OUT OF 36"

HIT – K-ZONE – 6 points
HIT – K-ZONE – 6 points
HIT – K2 – 4 points
HIT – K-ZONE – 6 points
HIT – K2 – 4 points
HIT – K-ZONE – 6 points

“You missed one. If you used a real gun that probably wouldn’t happen,” said Batou.

“There is nothing wrong with my Metaba, it’s me. Anyway, I like it. It’s my choice isn’t it?”

Togusa laid his spent Metaba revolver on the bench and held is finger on the target retract button. A man-sided, live-fire target began to make it’s 30 meter journey along the range up to the firing position benches. The big man had walked into the underground range without Togusa noticing. Freaks me out when he does that. His near full-borg frame must weigh nearly 300 kilos and he makes less noise when he moves than my 3 year old.

“Did you come hear to show off or do you have something you want to say, Batou? I’m not in the mood okay.” Togusa watched the punctured target of his frustrations creep closer to the benches.

Batou raised his arms in surrender and said in a monotone, “Hey, don’t shoot. I give up.”

“You’re a funny guy. Remind me to add that into your next peer review assessment.” The target paper reached Togusa and he totted up the score himself, just to make sure. “Damn thing. That shot is touching the line. Should be 34.” He replaced the old target paper with a new one and sent it on it’s way to the 30 meter mark.

Batou lowered his arms and leant against the firing position next to Togusa’s. Togusa reloaded his Metaba, re-seated his earplugs, reset the scoring terminal and took aim. Togusa looked through his safety glasses at Batou, who was looking right back at him with those soulless cyberised eyes. He was about to advised Batou that he put in his ear plugs but then remembered that very little of Batou’s body was original and that he probably had the best audio compensators that government money could buy. Togusa had given up keeping track of his upgrades quite a while ago.

“Was it worth it?” asked Batou as Togusa fired his first shot.

HIT – K-ZONE – 6 points

“I’m not so sure now,” he replied as he released his second dual purpose round.

HIT – K-ZONE – 6 points

“People got hurt.”

Another shot.

HIT – K2 – 4 points

“s&$t,” Togusa said under his breath. “I know. I was there. It’s my responsibility.”

Batou turned his head to look down range as Togusa released his fourth shot, muzzle flash reflecting off his highly polished flat-lens multi-spectrum ocular cyberisation. He knew where the shot was going before it hit.

HIT – K-ZONE – 6 points

“Boss is gonna freak. Not a side I've seen in you before, Togusa. Didn’t know you had it in you.”

“You’re not the only one who can screw up, okay. After all, it’s about time you allowed someone else to damage the city, eh.”

Togusa double-tapped his remaining two shots before Batou could respond and then said, “Aren’t you due for you’re next maintenance cycle or something?”

HIT – K2 – 4 points
HIT – K2 – 4 points

Batou raised his hands in surrender once again and slowly exited the firing range without another word. On his way to the locker room behind him he heard six shots blast out in rapid succession and the sound of Togusa kicking the bench.

HIT – K3 – 2 points
MISS – zero points
MISS – zero points
HIT – K3 – 2 points
HIT – K2 – 4 points
HIT – K2 – 4 points

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