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ECH:> Web-Chat Snip

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 4:09 pm    Post subject: ECH:> Web-Chat Snip Reply with quote

nurgle90 :> u r 1 of those mental cases aincha
[)-(]mob_rule :> who are you talking to?
.vWv. :> himself
.vWv. :> no1 here will listen to him LOL
Darquenite :> lol
-=discord=- :> I know what is going on. I can feel it every morning.
.vWv. :> more like you feel yourself every morning
Darquenite :> lol
*[\/]SHIVAN enters the Public Gallery
[ZKZ]$pecs :> wot do ya mean man?
nurgle90 :> talking 2 discrud-the-freekhed
-=discord=- :> Not sure. Hard to say. Kinda like a waking dream of something. Like I’m not awake … or waking up from someone else’s dream. (:|)
.vWv. :> to much sake mate jst suk it down & take a day off or sommat
Darquenite :> lol
[ZKZ]$pecs :> disc – yeah weird
[)-(]mob_rule :> discord: you are not the first person i’ve spoken to that is feeling like that. i’m okay but a friend of mine is in a bad way – wont go out of the house now. says people are after him. he is scared man.
.vWv. :> some1 is after him – me. i am the nightstalker!!!!! i break in2 houses & fuk ur dortas.
Darquenite :> loll
nurgle90 :> TAKE IT BITCH! >:D>
[ZKZ]$pecs :> who let left the door open and let these dogz in?
Lob0 :> Sorry. That was me. *slams door in vWvs ugly face*
[admin]BaalZebub :> Just one moment, -=discord=-. I’m gonna put out the trash then we can carry on…
*[admin]BaalZebub dumps .vWv.
*[admin]BaalZebub dumps Darquenite

Lob0 :> YAY FOR BAAL! Good move!!!
*[admin]BaalZebub dumps nurgle90
[ZKZ]$pecs :> spring cleaning baal? lik
[admin]BaalZebub :> You know it mate. Just one more thing…
*[admin]BaalZebub locks #544.screechnet.armchairpilot_chat
[admin]BaalZebub :> Switch on your ciphers guys – we’re cloaking!
[\/]SHIVAN :> ????????
*[admin]BaalZebub cloaks #544.screechnet.armchairpilot_chat
* // You will only see activity if you have the latest ACP_Chat field codes.
* // If you don’t have the codes then pray to GOD in the Chapel and he might let you in.

[admin]BaalZebub :> Who made it through?
[ZKZ]$pecs :> I’m in.
Lob0 :> ack
[)-(]mob_rule :> ack
[admin]BaalZebub :> -=discord=-?
-=discord=- :> Acknowledged – just. My collar is playing up. Can’t get the ACP_C cipher program to tunnel my barrier quickly enough. Through now though.
-=discord=- :> Cheers guys.
Lob0 :> Thank Baal. He’s our daddy.
[admin]BaalZebub :> You’re no son of mine. You’re far too ugly.
Lob0 :> *g*
[ZKZ]$pecs :> crap I hope not that would make you my brother. lik
[)-(]mob_rule :> discord: it can be a bitch if your on an ogre rig. something to do with the encryption firmware. something has changed in the wild as even the new releases seem to be multiplexing for no reason. 0-bit-0 is full of tex reporting how the architecture is mutating. serious s&$t going down someplace.
-=discord=- :> Thanks mob – I am using an Ogre&North rig, the Lightflash Auran.
-=discord=- :> Can people in the Public Gallery or the Library still see us?
[admin]BaalZebub :> No. We’re running silent [cloaked] and sandboxed [locked]. Our rigs are all encrypting everything we do and see here at points 1.0 [this server] and 0.1 [your collar] using the ACP_Chat keyword [field codes] that GOD sent you yesterday. Only those still shown as being Awake are here now. To everyone else we’re DND.
[ZKZ]$pecs :> yeah – its kewl disc the skidz have been dumped for good lik
Lob0 :> …And the doors have been locked behind them. :))
[)-(]mob_rule :> discord: that explains it then. the aurans are ded sensitive to changes in the wild. pop in to 0-bit-0 dude – some high level firmware config fixes available there for your rig. hunt OBIKAI – the dude knows his stuff. fixed my Zulu rig.
[ZKZ]$pecs :> obikai? aint that the wingnut whos been poking all the constructs with wraiths???
[)-(]mob_rule :> doubt it $pecs. the real OBIKAI has been around for years. more likely that some skid has nicked his tag. that’s why the wraiths never have an avatar, cos you’d know it wasn’t him when you spiked them.
[)-(]mob_rule :> anyway discord, you were saying…
[ZKZ]$pecs :> fe
-=discord=- :> Yes, thanks. I don't know about you guys but my gf thinks I've got that MCP thing - she thinks I'm just imagining it because of stress from work, but work isn't stressful. It's a breeze.
-=discord=- :> Whenever I dive I get a weird feeling wash over me, like cold water. I've checked all of my protocols and the CRCs all come up green. It happens even before I reach 0.3, before I get a proper handshake.
[)-(]mob_rule :> mcp is a crock of s&$t. whatever this is it's not just fucking stress. life in this city has always been stressful - why have people only started suffering from it now? if you ask me something is in the wild causing nars or nars-like side effects. ppl are going crazy and noone sane seems to give a s&$t.
[ZKZ]$pecs :> thats skrewd up disc some1 is pissin wth ur rig 4 sure
Lob0 :> Early Closed Cyberbrain Psychosis has similar symptoms. I don't know why the shrinks don't think that's what this is. Too much time in the constructs and the boundaries between Self and Other start to get blurred. Seen it happen before. It's a well documented phenomena.
[admin]BaalZebub :> -=discord=-: That's not possible mate. You'll get nothing meaningful from the net until you reach 0.5. If your nervous interface is sending signals before you get to this stage it must be faulty. I'd get it checked by a daylight tex pronto. You should probably log off now man. Save your brain.
-=discord=- :> It's not like that. I'm not doing a good job of explaining the feeling…
[)-(]mob_rule :> okay dude.
-=discord=- :> I just get this constant feeling that someone is looking for me. I know it makes no sense and I shouldn't be bothered by it - too many late nites on here! - but either I'm getting NARS, CCP, MCP or any other acronym you care to mention or something out there is waking up.
[ZKZ]$pecs :> wakin up? when did u lst sleep? take a few days off and see hwo u feel afta
Lob0 :> Agreed.
[admin]BaalZebub :> The guys could be right. Get yourself checked out before you start blaming the net.
[)-(]mob_rule :> baal - go easy, he's worried enough.
[admin]BaalZebub :> Wasn't intended to be nasty. My apologies -=discord=-
[)-(]mob_rule :> i agree with you disc - the architecture is changing - ppl are taking about it all over the net. the lines are being drawn and ppl are taking sides on this one : those that feel it and those that don’t.. you hear less and less from those that do every day.
-=discord=- :> This is gonna sound really out there but recently I don't feel like I want to hide from it anymore. Just get the feeling that it's a good thing. Something that we should embrace rather than resist. It's like trying to avoid evolution.
Lob0 :> Heavy.
[ZKZ]$pecs :> deep
[)-(]mob_rule :> that's exactly what my mate said yesterday. like he's sick of hiding. like his ghost is coming to terms with the change. you should talk to him. he sounds like he's found jesus or something…

Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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