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ECH:> GHOST /in the\ SHELL - 'Mega-Conurbation Psychosis'

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2005 8:17 pm    Post subject: ECH:> GHOST /in the\ SHELL - 'Mega-Conurbation Psychosis' Reply with quote

It is the near future. The world has become highly information-intensive with vast corporate networks
that span the globe sustained by pulsing arteries of electrons and light. As the business transactions
of pan-global mega-corporations propel themselves at the speed of light beneath the streets, the
common man strives to provide for his family unit at the inescapable mercy of very real Human

While Man, Woman, Child and Cyber-Aug worship at the feet of the Gods of Glass and Steel, the
nation-state and ethnic groups enforce a sense of individuality energised into punctuated states
of rapid evolution by the new traditions of technology. The City secures it’s future with machina
progeny but it’s Ghost comes from the loves, drives, fears and pains of Human Society without
which it is nothing but a cold shell.

On the edge of Asia … capital of a strange corporate conglomerate-state called Japan … the new
hub of World Trade and Seat of global politics … the largest city on the face of the Earth and home
to more than 60 million people … The City, the most complicated structure since the Human Brain
… Tokyo.

GeoSat Image Of Tokyo
NavSat Image Of Tokyo

The Government Division Of Public Sanitation faced a unique problem with regards to waste disposal
(both civil and industrial) in such a massive conurbation. The practicalities of dotting the City with
dumps and reclamation centres where explored and put into practice for a few decades but were
soon found to be inadequate and were rejected. A new strategy had to be adopted. Rather than
taking the waste to the processing centres the idea was to bring the processing centres to
the waste.

With the kind of organisation beyond that of most other nations’ military, the Division Of Public
Sanitation operates a large fleet of Heavy Road-train Self-contained Mobile Industrial Waste Disposal
Plants (known as Argus Plants) that trundle around collecting and processing the by-products
of The City. They later deposit compact and ready prepared loads at one of ECH:> \\kis th ring on th
fingr of th hnd tht turnd yr existnc 2 hel//

[--------------] CONSOLE [--------------]
CON:> Connection Lost.
CON:> Reconnecting...
CON:> Attempting {1}...
CON:> Attempting {2}...
CON:> Attempting {3}...
CON:> Connection Re-established.
[--------------] CONSOLE [--------------]

several central processing facilities for recycling or for transport to the equatorial Skylifts to be
eventually catapulted into the Sun.

Such an advanced system of waste disposal does not come cheap and as such the Division Of Public
Sanitation receives an annual City budget comparable to that of the Public Security Section 1 (aka.
The Police). Waste is BIG business.

[--------------] CONSOLE [--------------]
SYS:> Rx#002AA1-2D314-11F556-116B44 QbitCRC check *FAILED*
SYS:> It is highly recommented that you contact your CONSysAdmin immediately.
[--------------] CONSOLE [--------------]

Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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Joined: 25 Sep 2003
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Location: Iddheim

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 2:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Current Chapter 0001: "THE FIRST DAYS"

CutScene: Crate City Stake Out.

A 3 ton Anthropomorphic Crisis Suit quietly walks through the dark and narrow passages of the East bay side Warehouse District Shipping Crate Stacking Yard, unaware that he is being watched. The 8ft Anthropomorph walks between the multi-story crate stacks quickly laser-scanning the front of each as it goes, searching.

40ft above the crate stacks a Tachikoma multi-ped Enforcement Chassis Mini-tank hangs upside down, it's four spider-like limbs grasping a crane hook. Sat within the machine’s abdominal pilot compartment, plugged into the Tachikoma's sensor array, a Public Security Section 1 Officer watches the Anthro-Armoured perpetrator plod between the light amplified crate stacks, "He's started scanning. Two … stand by."

Running on silent mode a Public Security Turbo-chopper also tracks the movements of the perp on IR. The pilot maintains a steady height and is careful not to loose the target in the maze of passages down below, "One, this is Two; Contact fixed but not sure how long I'm going to be able to track without getting directly above him."

"Two; stay low and hold back. I've got him from here," comes the reply from the suspended Tachikoma, "… I've seen enough. I'm arresting him now."

The Tachikoma releases it's grip from the crane hook and falls silently through the moist night air toward the concrete below only to flip right side up mid descent and land silently on all four limbs, ten metres behind the perp, right between two stacks of crates, the perp's senor array detecting nothing. The Officer is able to confirm that the perp does in fact have an integral, rapid fire, rotary weapon mounted inside it's right arm. 'I bet that baby's unlicensed,' he thought switching to check the transponder channel [1]; the perp's Suit transponder is turned off, 'The good ones fake it, the bad just switch it off.'

The Police Tachikoma releases the interlocks on both fore-limb machine guns, turns on the pulsing blue Police beacon, the forward Sunbeams, and then activates the loud hailers, "PUBLIC SECURITY. YOU ARE UNDER ARREST. POWER-DOWN IMMEDIATELY. YOU WILL NOT BE TOLD AGAIN."

Caught in the Sunbeams the perp spins his head unit 180 degrees to clock the Public Security machine, various sensor antennae flick out from either side of the head and quiver in the air. A mere instant later the Anthropomorph propels itself 100ft into the air leaving nothing but a cloud of steam where it once stood. 'Alright. If that's the way you want to play it.'

"Perp has gone skyward! Weapons Free. Bring him down. Try to minimise collateral."

The Anthropomorph lands on top of a nearby crate stack, passing straight through the corrugated roof and crushing 60'000 cans of baby milk powder. He pauses for a moment, head unit looking up through the hole at the night sky, waiting for the chopper to come into view.

The Tachikoma speeds down the alley in the last known direction of the perp, "Two; what have you got?"

"He's gone. I've got a trajectory. I'm moving up," the turbo-chopper pilot responded.

There! Just what the perp was waiting for; the Public Security helicopter drifts into view from within the crate, it search lights strafing the crate stacks.

With another burst of steam the Anthropomorph is ejected from the crate like a torpedo, heading directly for the chopper. The Pilot's view is suddenly blocked by the chest plate of the Anthropomorph as it slams into the cockpit of the chopper, clinging on to the sides with outstretched arms, mechanical claws tearing into the fuselage.

"s&$t! Jesus! We're hit! We're going down!" The Pilot pulls back hard on the collective to give the blades maximum bite into the cool air and sends the chopper into a rapid clockwise spin, trying to dislodge the hitchhiker with centrifugal force.

The Tachikoma comes to a halt, crouches down, then releases it's jump-rods. Landing on the top of the nearest crate stack the Officer is able to see the whirling lights of the helicopter spiralling down toward the crates at a steady rate. "Two! Eject! Eject!"

Just as the Pilot is about to pull the Eject lever the Anthropomorph is thrown from the cockpit and sent tumbling down into the crates.

"This is Two; we're free. We've taken damage. I'm pulling out…"

'It's just you and me now,' thought the Officer as he tracked the path of the falling Anthropomorph down into the city of crates and warehouses.

"Base; am in pursuit of suspect in Anthro-armour – muted and heavily armed, East bay side Warehouse District, Crate City, heading East. Back-up required. Back-up required. Be advised that suspect is a nine year old boy. Repeat; a nine year old boy."

Leaping from crate stack to crate stack the Public Security Tachikoma pursues the perp Eastward. In the distance a neon green horizon draws closer … the East Side Ultraway [2].

[1] Transponders are law on all vehicles; land, sea and air. Situation depending, Public Security can be given the order to go Weapons Free on any vehicle that has no transponder signal (termed 'Mutes').
[2] Ultraway is a super-wide, no speed limit Highway that is raised from the city by 60ft pillars. Public Transport Trains also run on under-slung rails. It is lit by neon green lamps along it's length. It is true that there are few places in Tokyo where the neon green horizon cannot be seen at night. No vehicle may drive on the Ultraway without auto-cruise (robotic drive & traffic flow control system).
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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Joined: 25 Sep 2003
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scene1: The Moon Palace & The Aurora Twins / Ultraway RTA.

"Hey, baby. How about a little bit of privacy?" asks Koko, one half of the notorious and shamelessly flirtatious Aurora Twins, sat on the lap of Frostbite: an eight-foot iceman - Hamano Taiki's avatar in the Moon Palace Chatroom. Koko's identical twin, Mimi, leaning against Taiki's chair, agrees: "Yeah, I can bring down the cage and we can have some fun. We've got nowhere to be, and it has been at least 12 hours since that last time we did anything. Give these losers something to perv at for a few hours."

The Moon Palace Chatroom is designed to look very much like the name suggests - a luxurious, space-aged hotel built on the dark side of the Moon. Of course, none of the users here are actually on the Moon. This is just one of countless constructs that make up the digital world; a place that subscribers come to for peace, conversation, to conduct business, play games of all kinds, or to indulge in the pleasures of the "flesh" - something that the Aurora Twins know an awful lot about.

"Oi, Frosty. You gonna hog the toys all night or what?" Dragline, likes to dress like a typical cyber-spod in the black longcoat and mirror shades. One of the less imaginative avatars considering who's online tonight.

"Spin on it, Dragline," snipes Koko as she raises a slender middle finger, the cute little schoolgirl appearance put on hold behind a vicious glare and aggressive body language.

Mimi looks a little shocked at the exchange and chastises Koko for her rudeness, "Easy girl, that's one of my regulars you're flipping off." Mimi moves toward Dragline - something that always attracts attention - wraps her long, pale arms around his neck and whispers something in his ear. He smiles, turns, and walks back to his friends with a smug look on his face; their table next to a wide oval window that overlooks the Sea Of Diodenese.

"Why bother with that creep, Mimi. We're doing well. We can well afford to be choosy these days," Koko asks of her partner in sleaze.

"I like him. He's sweet … and he's a good tipper," eventually getting to the heart of the issue with a cheeky winking.

Taiki, only male after all, caves in to the amorous demands of his young companions and allows Mimi to bring down a white cage that surrounds the three of them in the middle of the Sun Lounge. All three avatars freeze and desaturate in colour as if petrified. A small white sign with the words 'Do Not Disturb' swings from side to side, suspended in digital space. With a Privacy Room established the three occupants satisfy their carnal desires.

"We hope you've got protection, Frosty. We don't want a virus…"


Yoshi, the driver, turns up the volume on the hi-fi so the whole cabin of the ARGUS Rig pulses with the latest hardcore electronic beats. Feet up on the dash, watching the neon green bands of light that hang above the East Side Ultraway flick past overhead, Yoshi checks the current speed on one of the dirty screens. At nearly 200kph no one would get in the way of a 30ton road train waste processing plant and expect to come away with anything less than a very brief but detailed examination of the front impact collar.

With the rest of the team in the crew compartment behind the cabin, separated by a nearly-soundproofed slide door, driving duty is about the only time Yoshi gets the place to himself. (With him being a young ex-biker he's only really at home on the road or with his head buried in someone's turbine engine.) Yoshi often toys with the idea of turning off the auto-cruise and seeing how this monster handles under manual control at these speeds: 'Just imagine the damage I could cause.' Fortunately for the Tokyo Highways Authority - and the other Ultraway users - this desire has not yet been put into practice.

The Guv sits in the crew compartment (which is in effect, a small office come living space come berthing room) with Isumi going over the past day's activity logs and schedules. Being paid by the second guarantees that a typical working day is managed with the kind of fastidious attention to precision that would not be uncommon for major business projects. The pair sit closely, surrounded by a half dozen screens, Isumi navigating the operating system with the equivalent grace and elegance of an Olympic gymnast.

Taiki, selfishly relaxing in the only fully reclining chair in the crew compartment, is plugged in to the Rig's computer hub, via his own personal interface collar, indulging in one of his favourite pass times in the Moon Palace Chatroom; eye's closed, fully immersed in the digital world. During off-hours Taiki spends most of his time as a part of the furniture much to the annoyance of the youngest member of the crew, Yomasa.

In an effort to reduce the number of people that are incarcerated in the offshore prison barges the Tokyo Home Office instigated a plan of vocational rehabilitation for young offenders. Yomasa is one such product of this programme - much to the Guv's "eternal delight". Isumi is quick to tell the rest of the crew that: "Yomasa is simply a product of his upbringing and we have a chance to shape this young mind into a decent member of society." A sound plan, if the rest of the crew were anything like 'normal' or even remotely interested in being nursemaids to a delinquent.

Jonny, between mugs of ice cold mineral water, exercises with pull-ups in the narrow doorway between the crew compartment and the small berthing cubicles. Being a sanitation engineer is a pretty strenuous job but he swears he can actually feel his muscles atrophy (even the synthetic ones [1]) in the hours spent driving between depots each week. Not being one for deep and meaningful conversation he finds little comfort in idle discourse with his crewmates.

Yoshi carefully adjusts the speed of the ARGUS Rig to 207.8kph. This brings the passing of the Ultraway overhead lighting booms into exact synchronisation with the driving beat behind the music he is listening to. It's the simple pleasures that matter. He almost fails to notice the 'COLLISION' warning on the main display [2]; the audio component fails to be heard over the booming music.

The Traffic Control screen shows a graphic representation of the local stretch of Ultraway and the traffic thereon. Dozens of tiny green triangles - normal traffic for this time of night - zip past one another all under the careful control of the Yokyo Traffic Hub in the centre of the city. One mile ahead Yoshi notices a red triangle (a rogue vehicle) tracking across the twelve lanes from right to left instead of travelling along the road like any normal road user, being chased by a flashing white and blue triangle (the designation for a Police vehicle).

Ahead, Yoshi just about makes out a strange looking machine leaps across the road about 500 meters ahead - very hard to see details in the neon green light but it looks like it only touches the road three times before it clears the whole width of the carriageway. He grips the yoke and the other hand hovers over the manual override button on a side screen. The rogue vehicle clears but the collision warning still shows for the Police vehicle. The emergency alert sounds throughout the Rig alerting all - well, all but Taiki - to what is about to happen. Yoshi braces himself, as do the others, as the emergency stop retardation claws release from the underside of the Rig and bury themselves into the road surface gouging three parallel ruts for the better part of half a kilometre before the impact. All in the crew cabin are thrown forward along with anything that isn't nailed down. Taiki's chair is severed at the base and hurtles forward taking two if Isumi's screens with him, wrenching the wire link cables from his collar [3], and bringing him back to daylight [4] with a hard thump against the cabin door.

Yoshi watches powerless to intervene as the Police Tachikoma mini-tank enters the full beam headlights of the Rig then disappears beneath the dashboard with a jolt. Tiny chunks of machinery ricochet forward onto the road as a mixture of lubricant and blood spray up over the windscreen. Some 100 meters later the Rig comes to a complete halt with Yoshi still gripping the yoke having never hit the manual override.

The whole crew are quick to rally and Isumi moves in to the cabin to check on Yoshi. Taiki alights from the Rig out into the middle of the neon green light of the Ultraway, cars still whipping past at great speed; Auto-cruises keeping all traffic at least two lanes clear of the stationary ARGUS Rig. The Guv keeps an eye on his progress via the external monitors.

Taiki returns quickly, "It's a real mess out there. Whatever it was we've just spread it out across several hundred meters of carriageway. If it was a copper, he's sauce now."

The news seems to strike the Guv to the core. Not completely unusual, as he is a caring family man, but something seems strange about the gravity of his response: "Yoshi, get this thing moving. We're out of here." Those words stoked a fire within the crew, tantamount to a rebellion.

"Guv, we can't leave the scene of an accident like this. Especially if a Public Security officer has died," advises Jonny with a measure of warning in his tone.

"I'm with him. There's no fucking way I'm driving us away from here," exclaims Yoshi, now in the crew compartment with everyone else.

The Guv squares up to this flagrant disobedience within his own crew and barks: "Get back in there and hustle!"

"f@%k that noise," comes the response from Yoshi who parks himself defiantly on a narrow seat.

Isumi pulls a wire link from one of the terminals and plugs it into the back of her neck collar. Almost instantly the ARGUS Rig jolts into motion and begins to accelerate down the Ultraway on manual.

"Oh, there is no way I'm having any part of this s&$t. No way in hell," says Yoshi glaring at Isumi and the Guv. He moves over to one of the terminals, places a link collar around his neck and jacks in.

"Woah, this is some fucked up biscuit! Have we squished a piggy? Can I see?" interjects Yomasa. No one dignifies him with any attention.

Isumi reports that a Public Security helicopter is on its way to the scene of the accident, while the Guv paces up and down pondering the ramifications of leaving the scene of an accident. It is clear to most of the crew that something else is going on here. He turns and asks: "Isumi, we need to be elsewhere at the time of the accident. What can you do?" Sweat begins to bead on his forehead.

"We could switch our transponder code with AG102. I could ask my brother to make the change. He works at DoPS HQ [5]. That way, according to DoPS records, we did their round today and they did ours. I'm not sure we should though. Those guys didn't do it. And anyone with any intelligence that investigates will surely…"

"I understand. Do it."

[1] Synthetically grown muscles are almost identical to "natural" muscles - only they are grown in a vat over several days rather than in the body over many years - and will still be consumed by the body if left to atrophy.
[2] Auto-cruise alerts the driver - still a legal requirement even though no manual control is required on the Ultraway - to possible obstacles ahead, such as rogue vehicles (not on Auto-cruise) or an accident. The Auto-cruise system will guide traffic around the obstruction at a steady flow.
[3] Involuntary and sudden de-jacking can, in extreme cases, cause NARS (Neurological Abrupt Reality Syndrome). A condition in which suffers experience flashing white lights and other auditory/visual problems. The condition can lead to mental health difficulties and/or sensory degeneration at the neurological level.
[4] Net jargon for "the real world".
[5] DoPS = Department of Public Sanitation.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CutScene: The Patsy.

Time: 11:06:55
Transponder Code: DOPS-AG102-6548-2231-0998-7211
Location: Highway 44 East-Side Ultraway On-Ramp, East-Side.
Next Scheduled Stop: Holding Depot 9, East-Side @ 12:15:15

Time: 11:06:56
Transponder Code: DOPS-AG101-6548-2231-5644-5001
Location: East-Side Ultraway section 103 southbound, East-Side.
Next Scheduled Stop: Holding Depot 9, East-Side @ 12:34:23

Supping on a mug of hot chicken soup, the driver of the ARGUS Rig notices a course change on the Routing screen; slowing down and pulling in to the shoulder. 'Weird,' he thinks to himself, 'must be an accident.'

In the lane to the right he notices a Public Security Interceptor keeping pace, no lights flashing. Then, off to the left of the Ultraway, something in the sky also keeping pace. A chopper? 'What's going on,' he wonders whilst leaning forward to try and get a better view out of the front windscreen.

He is taken by surprise by a sudden burst of white light from the crew compartment as the dividing door is pulled open and spills some hot soup into his lap. "s&$t! Christ-on-a-bike that's hot."

"Why are we slowing down?" asks the gaffer.

"Dunno. Cops all over the place and the traffic has been cleared for a mile up ahead. Are we trailing sommat?" he says whilst mopping up soup from his groin with yesterday's schedule hardcopy.

The Rig, still under Auto-cruise, pulls over to the side of the Ultraway and comes to a halt directly beside one of the neon green lighting booms; lit up like a 30ton bright green shrine decoration. About 100 meters further up the road an armoured Public Security van is parked with its back doors wide open.

"Turn off your engine and step out of the vehicle with your hands up," comes a loud hailer command from outside just as a powerful lamp in the back of the armoured van hits the front of the Rig dazzling all in the cabin. Hovering not more than 15 meters from the edge of the Ultraway a Public Security helicopter also trains its lights on the parked Rig as the side door opens and the crew disembarks one after the other as ordered.

The gaffer tries to be heard over the wind of the chopper: "What's the problem, officers?"
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scene2: Business As Usual.

For two days the crew went about their normal duties as if the events of the other night never took place. It was a weird place to be in. No-body mentioned the RTA and no one spoke of the other ARGUS crew that were arrested for what was being reported in the media as a 'callous hit and run.' Several Humanism groups had jumped on the story and used it as ammunition against the controlling elements of automation in everyday life and it seemed that all current affairs broadcasts and web-chats were in danger of being consumed by the firestorm. Even the DoPS mailboxes and bulletin boards were not resistant to these flames.

There were concerns among the crew about whether everyone could be fully trusted to keep their mouth shut - most people would be looking at Yoshi or Yomasa at this point - but nothing was said aloud. The team just got on with the job that had been assigned to them. No one doubted for a moment that, if questioned by the Police, these lads would probably spill their guts before you can say "truth serum" - and who would honestly blame them?!

Taiki, having cleaned off all evidence of the crash from the impact collar that night, kept a small container of biological matter for later analysis. This sealed container lay buried in amongst all the emergency equipment and tools in the Argonaut Sub-plant Docking module that linked the front drive and crew compartment to the waste processing plant at the back. There was little that he could do unless the Guv authorised that the Rig be coupled up with a Medical or Science module - and you need a plausible reason to source those babies. So, he did the only thing he could: he sat on the issue until such time as the opportunity to study the remains presented itself. He had little doubt as to what he might find but the question needed to be answered in a resolute manner.

Isumi couldn't quite understand how the simple act of switching a transponder code was enough to take the heat off entirely. She had expected more from Public Security. How could they be so sloppy and easily duped? She worried about asking so much of her "brother" back at DoPS HQ. He is a good lad and she's always looked out for him. It’s not like this it the first time he's lifted the odd attack barrier for her, and this probably won't be the last.

The Guv seemed quieter than usual and although he gave no outward sign of this, he also probably expecting to have been fingered by now. No one knew quite why he gave the order that he did but up until this point he'd only ever had the welfare of his crew at heart; something of a trait of an ARGUS crew gaffer. The longer serving members of the crew knew that he'd explain himself in his own time. The trouble is how much time is left?
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scene3: The Wilds Street Market & Obo Katunch's Wrecking Yard Job.

Relative normalcy shattered, the crew found themselves on a job that took them - and their 30 ton road train Rig - into the most densely packed region of the city; the sprawling Wilds.

It became very clear that the roads in this area of the city simply weren't designed to take the size of the ARGUS Rig. At a width of nearly 17ft these Rigs were designed to travel only on moderate to major-grade transport arteries and not through heavily cluttered residential c-roads. The Guv insisted that the schedule was correct and that they had to collect two waste containers from the 'Hojomoko-Jin Wrecking Yard', proprietor one Obo Katunch.

When a Rig cannot reach a pickup the waste collection sub-plants, known as 'Argonauts', are deployed from the integral dock. These two, small one-man lifting vehicles are narrow enough to go anywhere that a large motorbike can and are strong enough to carry away a 2 ton industrial waste container.

Yoshi guided the hulk through a late afternoon street market as best he could. The sea of civilians and market stalls parting only at the sound of the Rig's horn [1]. "It's no good, boss. This is as far as we go."

One kilometre from the yard the Guv ordered that the two Argonauts be dispatched, Isumi stay with the Rig, and the rest ride shotgun on the sub-plants up the main gate. Everyone still questioned the validity of the job. The Guv checked with HQ and the assignment checked out but this should definitely have been a job for the small-scale regional refuse collection services.

The wrecking yard sat on a 1 square kilometre plot of land and every last inch of it seemed to be piled high with wrecked vehicles of just about any description. Someone could quite easily get lost within those winding streets of debris. The proprietor turned out to be a less than helpful soul, evidently only finding comfort in liquor and a squalid little shed just inside the main gate.

Jonny was quick to notice that the crew was being watched, or at least the gate to this yard. At the end of the street, leaning against the high fenced edge of the yard plot, a group of Bozosoku stood [2]. Yoshi, an ex-Bozosoku himself, recognised the colours as being the Redblades - one of the big players. If Yoshi were wearing his old colours instead of his DoPS regulation work clothes things would probably have turned a little medieval at this point!

As the two Argonauts, lead by Obo on a quad, made their way into the heart of the compound to collect the containers a couple of the crew that went back to the Rig saw a group of half a dozen hogs [3] pull up to the gate. Several Bozosoku dismounted and produced a worrying arsenal of automatic weapons from their panniers. Jonny thought that he saw one guy pull out a small collapsible tube launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided missile launcher. As a group, they moved into the compound through the front gate.

The Argonaut teams were warned of the incursion and Taiki responded by hopping into one of the cranes located at the centre of the compound and proceeded to close off entrances into the clearing by pulling down some of the car stacks. The Argonauts, waste containers hooked up, sped off down one of the few remaining passages.

Automatic weapons were fired at the crews as they made for the east fence of the compound but no one was hurt. It seemed that Obo had been dismounted as a crazed ganger was riding his quad in hot pursuit, spraying out bullets from a machine pistol. The Guv, sub-plant and it's riders covered from the gunfire by the loaded waste container, slammed on the brakes causing the quad to impact against the reinforced box. Nobody hung around to examine what was left behind.

Yoshi made a call to the leader of his old gang; a guy called Millan. The Redblades were an old adversary and the score sheet was no were near balanced. As a result Millan and a couple of the old guard were speeding the location tooled up for a serious rumble. Yoshi worried that they would not arrive in time or worse still, arrive at the same time as the Public Security response force that was almost certainly en route in a tilt-rotor tactical deployment aircraft [4].

Isumi, following events in the Rig via the feeds from the cameras aboard the Argonauts, took to the driver's seat and punched it. The massive Rig lurched forward down the narrow street with barely a metre clearance from peoples' front porches on each side, gathering and churning up a wave of debris as it moved. "It takes a helluvalot more than 'street furniture' to stop 5100 footpounds of torque."

Burying the hogs under a tsunami of rubbish the Rig pulled up at the end of an alley that the Argonauts fleeing down. After the sub-plants were quickly retracted into the dock Isumi put the Rig into a low gear and made for a nearby highway on-ramp.

Once sat in the crew compartment Taiki was quick to find out what was so important about those crates that someone was prepared to kill to get hold of them. Luckily, these waste containers were fairly modern and once picked up by an Argonaut an integral spectral analyser that 'tastes' the atmosphere inside feeds information into the Argonauts onboard computer, which in turn is connected to the Rig Hub. The contents where reported as being largely organic.

"We're in for such a grilling back at HQ about this one," said Taiki. No one argued.

[1] A Rig's horn is designed to be heard as far away as 5km. It is illegal to use the horn in a built up residential area.
[2] Bozosoku - Biker Gang. A few years ago the Bozosoku were a common sight, riding around in their gangs, racing each other on the Ultraways. Public Security mounted Operation Wheelclamp in an effort to tackle the gang crime problem within the Wilds. After 24 months of arrests and illegal vehicle impounds the gangs were spread to the four winds. The old rivalries and territories remained but a heavy police response to any reported Bozosoku activity kept the groups small and mobile.
[3] Motorbikes that are heavily customised.
[4] The fastest way to get to any point in Tokyo is by air, especially in the sprawling Wilds in the north valley. During Operation Wheelclamp regular Section1 officers got to experience the exhilaration of live air combat drops - an activity that was previously the reserve of Section 4 and above.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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CutScene: The Spew-chute.

ARV-205, a Spectrum class tilt-rotor tactical deployment aircraft, powered its way over the rooftops destined for a LZ deep within the Wilds. A squad of Public Security Section1 Special Airborne-Trained Officers prepared for a hot combat drop directly into the heart of a reported gang warfare firefight.

The holding deck intercom blurted out: "Rise and time to shine, boys and girls. I hope you all remembered to pop your sick-pills this morning. I don't throw up in your office so don't do it in mine. ETA 3 minutes."
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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There will not be any more write-ups. (Not by me anyway.)

The above was only required because of the long delay between the first and second parts. It takes far too long to do this kind of thing for each and every chapter/scene and, TBH, it's of no real use to you (the players) because you were there (and it's a lot of work to retain just for the benefit of those that miss a session).

However, I might just put something up for past scenes and chapters 'blurb' stylee; short and to the point. A lot easier.

If you have a grievance you can contact the complaints department >HERE<.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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