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Events Leading Up To January 1942

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2004 7:06 pm    Post subject: Events Leading Up To January 1942 Reply with quote

World News During The Downtime Period

August 1941
Construction of Projekt:KONDOR begins at Mirosov.

US & UK strengthen ties by working together in the Atlantic. US also bans any kind of aviation fuel export other than to Britain and her colonies.

Leutnant Telek Dreher (Koalition Cell-9) and his partner, codename:BOOKWORM, infiltrate Auschwitz on an audacious intelligence gathering operation.

Russia suffers major defeats in what has been named by the German Press as being the ‘Smolensk Pocket’.
[Dreher : During your time in Auschwitz at about this period a significant number of Russian POWs arrived.]

September 1941
In German held countries it became law that all Jews over the age of 6 wear the yellow Star of David.

German and Finnish forces surge into Russian territory and lay siege to Leningrad.

US freighter ‘Steel Seafarer’ is sunk by a German U-Boat.

US Navy assumes protection of all convoys as far east as Iceland.

Capital of Ukraine, Kiev, falls to German forces.

US Freighter ‘Pink Star’ is sunk by a U-Boat en rout to Iceland.

Rumours reach the Koalition of Einsatzgruppen activity in Kiev. Reports of these murder squads adds credence to intelligence provided by Luftwaffe Bomber Captain Max Bruckner (rescued at Protivin Castle Lake from his bomber that was hijacked by Czech rebels). Commander Reimann of the SD (Koalition Cell-6 Operations Commander) also confirms the above.

Reinhardt Heydrich is declared the Protektor of Moravia, Bohemia and Prague.

October 1941
Wehrmacht Commander In Chief Heinrich von Brauchitsch orders the commencement of Operation Typhoon – the push for Moscow.

Koalition learns (via Nuremburg informant) that Hitler has possession of an ancient relic known as the ‘Spear Of Destiny’. The relic was secured in Nuremburg by Hitler (after removing it from Vienna shortly after the annexation of Austria) but has reportedly since visited the spiritual centre of the Reich and taken the relic into his personal charge.

Major Wilhelm Peters (Koalition Cell-9) sets sail for North Afrika.

US arm their merchant ships and repeal some parts of the Neutrality Act.

Russian Winter shows signs of slowing Operation Typhoon. Significant Russian guerrilla activity behind German lines is also contributing factor to the hold up.

Nuremburg is heavily bombed by the RAF. Koalition informants report that the building where the Spear Of Destiny was being held to have been severely damaged in the raid.

German and Romanian troops move to within 50 miles of Moscow.

U568 torpedoes a US Destroyer near Iceland. To date the farthest east sighted US warship.

Russian winter worsens. Progress of Operation Typhoon almost brought to a standstill. Wehrmacht Commander In Chief Heinrich von Brauchitsch orders that the armies halt until the winter arrives proper thus freezing the ground in order to make progress easier. Generals within the Koalition report that Hitler found this order to be abhorrent and cowardly. However, the order stands.

U552 sinks the first US warship, a destroyer, near Iceland.

November 1941
Construction of Projekt:EAGLE begins at an old orthodox church in western Poland.

US – Japan peace talks reach deadlock.

Leningrad is completely surrounded by German forces. A Koalition Cell warns C that the Mittekries have some kind of vested interest in something held within the city. It is not known what this could be.

US refine the Neutrality Act in order to allow them to enter warzones and land supplies on the British mainland directly.

German U-Boats sink the British Carrier ‘Ark Royal’ 25 miles off Gibraltar.

Operation Typhoon resumes with the onset of the full Russian winter. Reports of under equipped German troops fall on deaf ears as Hitler is quote as having said “We cannot fail in this endeavour.”

Rommel dashes for the wire in order to outflank Allied forces attempting to reinforce Tobruk.

Contacts within the OKW report that Hitler’s retreat in Salzburg was burgled. No further information available but British SOE are suspected.

Peace talks between US and Japan break down. War is on the cards.

The British 8th Army manages to link up with the garrison in Tobruk. The Siege is eased.

December 1941
German Moscow offensive succumbs to the winter. The armies are ordered to dig in and wait out the winter.

Britain declares war on Finland for fighting along side the Nazis.

Projekt:EAGLE is completed.

Russians mount a massive offensive centered around Moscow. German 4th Army is reported to have been taken by surprise and pushed back along the 500 mile front.

Major Wilhelm Peters (Koalition Cell-9) narrowly escapes North Afrika with his life after a disastrous expedition.

Japan attacks the US Fleet Base at Perl Harbour. A crippling blow is reported to have been delivered. Also the Philippines were also bombed destroying US fighters and bombers on the ground.

Japan occupies Shanghai and captures a US garrison.

Japan invades regions along the dateline and forces the Thai government to surrender. Hong Kong is also bombed.

US and Britain declare war on Japan.

Japan declares war on the US and Britain.

Projekt:KONDOR becomes operational and receives it’s first delivery of secret items from the Dig site near Chemnitz (100 tons of suspected Jadd flagstones). Hund Platoon move in. Both Professor Happly and Doctor Alice Schwiliche move in.

Rommel conducts an ordered retreat from around Tobruk. The siege of Allied troops is lifted.

British Second drives into Libya.

British Battleship ‘HMS Price Of Wales’ and the Battlecruiser ‘HMS Repluse’ are both sunk by Japanese aircraft in the South China Sea.

Hitler declares war on the US. Mussolini does the same. Generals within the Koalition report that Hitler has lost all sense of rationale and it leading the nation to it’s doom by taking on the world.

US declares war on Germany and Italy.

Hitler makes a surprise announcement to leading Nazis in the Chancellery that now is the time to eradicate the Jewish population within Europe. Reinhardt Heydrich was at his side during this speech.

Rommel continues to retreat in North Afrika toward El Agheila.

German forces lay siege to Sevastopol.

Hitler removes Heinrich von Brauchitsch as Commander In Chief of the Wehrmacht and takes command himself!

Koalition reports that a British Spy was caught trying to cross the Austrian-German boarder. He was believed to have been the person responsible for the burglary of Hitler’s retreat but nothing was found on him. Interrogation was impossible as the man consumed a suicide pill before he was passed on to the SS. Information states that the Mittekries took his corpse into custody regardless.

British warships attacked by Italian Navy in the port of Alexandria. Several British vessels sunk.

British 8th Army drives into Benghazi for the second time. Rommel continues to withdraw on all fronts.

Hong Kong surrenders to Japan. 12’000 British soldiers taken as POWs.

Japanese troops land on Sumatra.

Russian forces land in the Crimea to help lift the siege of Sevastopol. German 11th Army suffers heavy casualties.

More Generals join the Koalition in this month than all previous months combined. C informs all Cells to be on the lookout for Spies within. C is determined not to let the cause become a victim of it’s own success. To this end he orders that the Cell Structure remain in place and that any new Koalition members join as ‘Associates’. That way no one group of people can ever know enough to put the whole effort in danger.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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