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Session 19 - The Hiring

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Mad Dwarf

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:34 pm    Post subject: Session 19 - The Hiring Reply with quote

Wednesday is Pay Day!
The PC's welfare cheques arrive!
(After rent, expenses, part-time jobs and Addictions, Mack and Dr W get about $150, Grendel just over $100 and Vinnie $25!)

Realising that the date of The Heist is closing in fast, they look to hire the Cracker that Vinnie's Technophile contact put them on to.
A phone call, a ride on the Metro*, and they are buying bowls of spicey "food" from a street vendor in the Bowery, and sitting down with Nathan to discuss the deal.
Dr Watt has taken up a surveillance position across the plaza to look for potential trouble. He spots a few characters the he wants to keep an eye on, but nothing to act on.
Eventually, a deal is struck. Nathan will wipe out security footage from Friday evening to Saturday, in return for one of the pieces from the Exhibition (The Luck Stone, estimated Auction value $2,000), to be delivered Sunday lunchtime.

The walk back to the Metro is interrupted by a crowd of hobos hassling the PCs for money. Vinnie attempts a Wide-Radius Belief Attack "We are very powerful and should be left alone". (Luckily the party all resist it).
Unfortunately, the hobos panic, and start to attack!
A few moment later, Grendel has knocked two to the floor, Mack has swept his area clear, and Vinnie has put some pain on the two nearest to him. Seeing their predicament, the hobos flee.
Vinnie inadvertent licks the blood from his knife (will need a Resist Disease check!) before sheathing it.

The Metro ride home is uneventful, with the PCs deciding not to take up the suggestion from some Sabines to get some Tea Drinker blood, and to stay on the train into Skin Borg turf and back, rather than disembark in Hummingbird to wait for it to return.

Wednesday Night is Kung Fu Night! Vinnie and Grendel head to 1199 Housing, while Mack and Dr W wander around Voodoo, to pick up more Psychic Data. Dr W pumps himself full of drugs to obscure his mind, and meddle with his memory, so that any observers will get little from him. A quiet night, they eventually head home.
Word has spread through 1199, and the Self-defence class is full!
70 Beginners, and 30 Advanced (including Brittany).
It would appear that Brittany was trained by the Freedom Army some 40 years ago under the Cabal Protocol VR system. She doesn't like to talk much about those days.
Vinnie pockets the $50 gate-money, but eventually decides to give Grendel $10 of it.
(Vinnie and Grendel both rolled a Natural 20!)

ADDENDUM: Word-on-the-street is that Humankalorie preachers are being seen in the "neutral zone" to the North West of turf. Moving in groups of 5-6, they are proselytising, handing out leaflets, inviting people to meetings, and generally spreading the Good Word.


*Dr Watt keeps a close eye (more of a stare) on a group he thinks might cause trouble. Grendel has them pegged as powerful Gangers, probably the Head Skeedle Punks! Before long, these minor corner-punks from the Rail Riders disembark into Drake turf, apparently to "see a Cracker".
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