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The Rough Guide to Starship Combat

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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 4:26 pm    Post subject: The Rough Guide to Starship Combat Reply with quote

Each round lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Each ship must make one Manoeuvre Action and may make one Shooting Action.
Players may also make Extended Actions.

Only one Action per player.

Actions may occur in any order.

Ship Initiative: 1D10 + Detection Bonus (rolled by captain).

Manoeuvre Actions

Default                   No test.      Move Speed or half Speed and
                                        may turn at end of manoeuvre.
Adjust Bearing            Pilot +       Turn earlier.

Adjust Speed              Pilot +       Move faster or slower.

Adjust Speed & Bearing    -20 Pilot +   Turn earlier while changing
                          Manoeuvre     speed.

Come to New Heading       -10 Pilot +   Two turns in one round.

Disengage                 Pilot +       Escape Combat.

Evasive Manoeuvres        -10 Pilot +   Penalty on enemy fire.

Smaller ships (transports, raiders and frigates) can turn up to 90 degrees at a time. Other ships can turn up to 45 degrees.

Shooting Actions

Half Range                +10 BS        Shooting

Range                     BS            Shooting

Double Range              -10 BS        Shooting

One character can direct the fire of all the guns.

Extended Actions

Active Augury             Scrutiny +    Scan the area.

Aid the Machine Spirit    Tech-Use      Bonus to Detection or

Disinformation            Deceive or    Raises Moral.

Emergency Repairs         Tech-Use      Repair Component.

Flank Speed               Tech-Use      Additional movement.

Focused Augury            Scrutiny +    Detailed scan of target.

Hail the Enemy            Interaction   Communicate with enemy ship.

Hit and Run               Pilot,        Board enemy ship.

Hold Fast!                Willpower     Reduce Morale damage.

Jam Communications        Tech-Use      Block vox signals.

Lock on Target            Scrutiny +    Bonus to BS with one weapon
                          Detection     system.

Prepare to Repel          Command       Bonus to Command test vs enemy
Boarders!                               boarders.

Put Your Backs Into It!   Charm or      Bonus to various actions.
Triage                    Medicae       Reduce Crew Population loss.

Astropath Actions

The Ties That Bind        WP Focus      Bonus to bridge crew/nearby crew.

Telepathic Jamming        Psyniscience  Block enemy astro-telepathy.

Divining the Way          -20           Aid a Manoeuvre. Requires Divination
                          Psyniscience  Discipline.
Taking the Shot           -30           Bonus to Shooting Action. Requires
                          Psyniscience  Divination.
Inspiring Presence        Psyniscience  Bonus to Hit and Run. Requires

Navigator Actions

Tactical Positioning      -10           Add success to BS or Evasive
                          Psyniscience  Manoeuvre.
Tactical Retreat          -10           Aid escaping combat.
Relentless Pursuit        -10           Aid catching enemy.

The Astropath and Navigator actions are Extended Actions.
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