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Operation Skyfall

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:47 pm    Post subject: Operation Skyfall Reply with quote

Two weeks ago the Americans launched a new satellite, rumoured to allow the tracking of submerged submarines however the launch failed and the satellite ended up in a decaying orbit. To prevent the technology landing on (un)friendly territory, the President authorised the Navy to shoot the satellite down with an ASAT missile. This mission was a success - or so the world's press was told.
In truth, the missile veered off course in the upper atmosphere and splashed down in the sea off the coast of South Australia. An Omega Sector operative in the satellite tracking station at Woomera tracked the missile's descent; she also detected a radar trace in the air but was unable to track it for more than a few seconds.
The satellite de-orbited a few hours later and splashed down into the Indian ocean. Ever since, the American Navy has been running an 'unscheduled exercise' to cover their search for the satellite.

The agents' mission was twofold; first, investigate the missile and determine why it went off course, and second, during the commissioning ceremony of HMAS Boomerang, download her radar data to look for the radar trace.

So our team of agents set off to investigate the missile. Having the co-ordinates for its' splashdown site, the agents proceeded there and then the three men went into the water, leaving the 19 year old girl all alone on the boat. What could possibly go wrong? Having located the missile and with some photos taken of it, the agents in the water were attacked by divers, as was our young heroine on the boat. Fortunately the agents were (eventually) able to fight them off, killing most of them but handily leaving one to interrogate. With photos taken for later analysis and the guidance circuitry of the missile removed, the divers returned to the boat and aforementioned interrogation. In which it was discovered that the divers were Russian mercenaries living in a habitat on the sea floor. Our intrepid agents returned to the bottom of the sea to investigate this habitat, however they learned nothing of value. The boat returned to Adelaide where the mercenary was dispatched for further interrogation by Omega and the photos sent for analysis.

The next day was the commissioning ceremony for HMAS Boomerang, Australia's new special forces support vessel, which had just returned from sea trials in the Indian Ocean. Omega provided naval uniforms for all the team members and a pass to get them onto the ship. Having got aboard, the team split into two pairs. Whilst one pair went in search of the computer centre, the other two got herded toward the bow, where they saw Trung Van Anh Dung, the CEO of Australian Defence Industries who built the boat. He was scheduled to break the bottle of champagne, but instead his bodyguard Mr. Burnum severed the cord holding it above the deck with a steel boomerang. While this was going on the other two found the computer centre and bluffed their way in. They began to copy data from the system; whilst locating it they found that someone had installed a feed leading to an IP address. and a set of backdoors into the computer system. Unfortunately they failed to notice the cameras in the computer centre and so they were quite surprised when a number of special forces troopers turned up to arrest them. The agents managed to lock the doors out and called for help from the other two. When the other two agents arrived outside the computer centre, the found an engineer cutting a hole through the door and the troopers getting ready to throw stun grenades in. The two agents inside played dead once the grenades went off, and the other two agents (who were covered as officers) ordered the troopers to take them back up to the main deck. However at this point Trung Van Anh Dung appeared and instead ordered the troopers to take the prisoners to the moon pool and kill them. And the troopers seemed quite prepared to follow his orders. The prisoners were taken to a moon pool at the bottom of the ship, where the troopers would have killed them but for the intervention of the the two free agents. After a brief scuffle, the other two agents were freed and all four escaped into the water.

Back on the boat, the IP address from the Boomerang was traced to the offices of Australian Defence Industries in Adelaide. Also in reviewing the data a frame from the video surveillance of the moon pool was found showing a number of divers with an object which was assumed to be the satellite.

At this point the agents decided they need to call for backup.
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