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Illegal Power Use

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:11 pm    Post subject: Illegal Power Use Reply with quote

__Power__________Nickname_____Charged as if it was____ Jail Time

Observe/Enter Dreams : Sandmanning : Breaking and Entering : Up to 5 years.
X-Ray Vision : Undie vision : Legally questionable. Cases of Conspiracy to Infect
Command (various) : Doolittle : Legally questionable. Cases of Animal Distress brought by RSPCA.
Endorphin Control : Dorphing : Treated as if Heroin Possession, but only if caught actively Dorphing up.
Impersonate : Cowbell : Treated as Fraud.
Induction Powers : Straightjacker : Treated as a legal defence against a crime; although it has often been over-ruled.
Memory Alteration : Smirnoffed : Class B Felony per usage
Possession : Hensonned : Class A Felony per usage

Technopathy : Netrunner : ( Category 18 )
Invisibility : Glassing : ( Category 18 )
Teleportation : Bamfing : ( Category 18 )
Spread Pathogen : Lurgy : ( Category 18 )
Radiation Projection : Windscale : ( Category 18 )
Self-Detonation : ACME : ( Category 18 )
Phase-Shift : Slider : ( Category 18 )
Read Minds : Grayreading : Aggravated Trespass : Up to 20 years ( Category 18 )
Semper Eadem, not Merda Taurorum

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Joined: 03 Nov 2003
Posts: 2332
Location: Sitting in a black leather armchair

PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Article 18
In most instances, the possession of mutant powers is considered a private matter—though of course you’re subject to criminal or civil penalties if you use them to commit bad acts. However, a few powers are deemed so inherently dangerous to the general populace, or pose such a threat to national security, that it is a crime merely to secretly possess them, even if you never use them.
The classic Article 18 power is Radiation Projection, which poses a severe long-term health hazard whenever it is used. Other powers falling under the law’s public safety provisions are Self-Detonation and Spread Pathogen.
The following powers are considered Article 18 for national security reasons—that is, they scare the bejesus out of counter-espionage officials. They are Invisibility, Technopathy, Teleportation, Phase, and Read Minds.
At present, those charged with Article 18 violations are still permitted jury trials. Jury nullification is common in cases where ordinary people who mind their own business and have never used their powers for good or ill are charged with possessing the second ability set. Juries are not so sanguine about irradiators, exploders and disease spreaders.
National security officials are consequently trying to change the law to disallow jury trials. They’re also lobbying to radically expand the list of powers covered by Article 18, to considerable pushback by mutant rights organizations.
If you possess any of the named powers and wish to avoid an Article 18 charge, all you have to do is file a form with the federal government, naming your power and providing personal information. You must continually update your record in the national database whenever you change residences or workplaces—or even travel within the country. You must also call a hotline every time you use your power, scheduling a debriefing with a MI5 official within seven days. In practice, the DHS staffers assigned to Article 18 compliance duty are overworked and undermotivated, and allow harmless-seeming citizens to file pro forma reports of their mutant activities. Mutants with Radiation Projection and Self-Detonation are assigned the most gung ho case officers, and are monitored with something bordering on vigilance.
HCIU officers are sometimes called on to investigate unlawful use of Article 18 powers. Using any of these powers in the commission of a crime is an offense unto itself, in addition to the underlying offense.
In the case of powers monitored for national security purposes, Article 18 forms serve as a recruiting tool. Mutants with these powers are often hired as operatives by intelligence agencies. Cops investigating these persons may find that their shadowy minders have thrown up procedural roadblocks to keep them at bay.
Semper Eadem, not Merda Taurorum

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Joined: 03 Nov 2003
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


When it became known that certain mutants could induce a heroin-like high, it took about five seconds for addicts worldwide to start tracking them down, sweaty fistfuls of cash in hand. Endorphin Control (Others) offered the doper’s dream—a safe, reliable, intense and—most of all—legal high. The practice of receiving recreational jolts of the Endorphin Control (Others) power became known as dorphing.
Proponents of the worldwide war on drugs reacted to this phenomenon with horror, viewing it as the thin edge of the wedge that would eventually lead to the legitimization of all drug use. They fed hysterical stories to an eager media, demonizing mutants with Endorphin powers and portraying the practice as wildly unsafe. That this required blatant manipulation of the facts fazed anti-drug campaigners not one whit. Dorphing is in fact safer than intravenous drug use by several orders of magnitude, offering zero risk of blood-borne infection or overdose. However, the propaganda campaign was a huge success: most people believe that dorphers face a high risk of cerebral hemorrhage every time they, to use the dorpher parlance, take a jolt. In response to the outcry of anxious parents, legislators quickly enacted stiff criminal penalties for abuse of this power, both for the mutant and the recipient. The formal names of the charges are Administration Of a Restricted Intoxicant and Willful Metabolization of a Restricted Intoxicant.
In practice, however, prosecutions for either crime are rarely mounted, as the crimes are nearly impossible to prove. There is no physical evidence and no smuggling network. Even if you videotape a mutant administering a jolt, there is no certain proof that the power was used or the subject’s brain chemistry temporarily altered. Attempts to have undercover narcotics officers pose as dorphers permit an entrapment defense.
From the perspective of most cops, all anti-dorphing laws achieve is to push the activity underground, where it intermingles with various other criminal enterprises. HCIU investigators, who are as a rule uninterested in vice or narcotics offenses, see them mostly as leverage to use against dorpher witnesses. Although everyone knows that convictions are rare, no user wants the hassle of even an inconclusive brush with the system.
HCIU officers are more interested in the crimes that surround dorphing than in the act itself. Dorphing is highly addictive, inspiring users to commit various crimes to fund their expensive habits. Users tend to become emotionally fixated on the people who sell them their jolts (known as fixers), sometimes committing crimes of passion to ensure their access to them. In a crime analogous to pimping, criminal syndicates have been known to kidnap and coerce law-abiding mutants unfortunate enough to possess the power into acting as fixers.
A subculture within the drug culture practices sdorphing, in which an addict forms a permanent submissive bond with a mutant, who gets him high in exchange for engaging in various degrading acts. In the public’s mind, ordinary dorphing is often conflated with the kinkier practice of sdorphing.
Semper Eadem, not Merda Taurorum
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