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Transcript: 40th Book of the Old Testament

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:08 pm    Post subject: Transcript: 40th Book of the Old Testament Reply with quote

The Scrolls of Malefactus. Transcript by Hieronymous Shikelgreuber. February 3rd 1942, KONDOR.


40th Book of the Old Testament
The Scrolls Of Malefactus

2nd Copy.
1st Copy Old English Transcript from original Hebrew Scriptures by Mela son of Porta, 509AD.
2nd Copy faithful Old English duplication by Sage Arthus Wittlaw, 1380 AD.

Foreword by Sage Arthus Wittlaw, Dall Abbey, 1380 AD.

Transcribed by my own hand I do bind herein the words as written, verbatim, by Mela son of Porta and brother of Beda. Heed this warning those reading here of casual whim;
Contained within these bindings be knowledge hidden from the Race of Man for his own sake by powers beyond the realm of the Father of Christ. Take not lightly Men of Faith; YOUR GOD CANNOT PROTECT YOU HERE. It is for this reason I make but one copy and guard by the life of my Order, Brothers et Malefactus Sanctii.

[Extracts from the Book Of Malefactus…]

1. The Lost Tribe Of Iddh
Psyus 7:9-10 a Great Race of angelic lineage, young of the LORDS, kin of the firmament, architects of unfathomable Iddheim. Then came upon their world, this place, the Jehova, name of a foul and inferior being, and He did smite the Great Race to lay His spoiled Seed.

Psyus 9:3 GREAT LORDS did condemn the Jehova and conspire innumerable to banish His influence afar the Barrier to be held hence by the One known as YOG’SOTHOTH.

Psyus 10:8 Minds of those touched by the Great Race Of Iddh shall beholden the past and thine future for one instant. From stars infinite they do ponder reclamation of their precious unfathomable Iddheim for then the spoiled Seed shall perish by wounds from within and thou hard of skin shall crawl the steps of ascendancy for, my LORDS, thy will demands it.

2. The First False Prophet
Zechus 3:9-11 standing before the sepulchre of the Son of a GOD, Malefactus, the harbinger of the Kingdom of the GREAT LORDS, spake ”Thy lived in the shadows of lies. Now die in the belly of my LORDS.”

Zechus 15:3 ”My LORDS, in your name I walk the land of Apes and by the utterance of Your name I command the firmament itself.”

Joyk 1:5-6 did take upon his soul the weight of the hopes of Man then did he pour oil his body all over and then did burn the hopes as with his flesh. ”With flames I undue the work of the first false prophet. With flames Man I do condemn to the will of the LORDS.”

Joyk 2:1-3 and the charred body of Joyk did reanimate such was the whim of the boiling chaos. Thus was the origin of the first great horror among Men.

3. The Ohdiya Testimony
Malhael 1:4-6 did hunt thy second false prophet known as Malachi and did slay thine lies by blade. ”Let this be known by all; punishment of Man for crimes of greed shall be by thine hand oh GREAT LORDS! With these words let the Kingdom of Man understand the communion of the LORDS and be prostrate before thee!”

Malhael 4:13 ”and from the top most icy reaches of the Babylonian Mountain Of Eyes do I forge thy alter and image ner for the eye of mortal Man but for the Phyeu.”

Malhael 5:2 ”Scream unto me! Scream for thy saviour! Bring unto me the will of LORDS and let my hand serve as their divine blade. Send the Souls of the spoiled Seed before me and let them be judged. I, Malhael, servant of thy majesties and scourge of thine enemies will, like rains of fire from hell-spouts, shall deliver obliteration at thy behest. Let the comrades of the Jehovah, the brethren of the ELDER GODS, not stand in my way - Malhael - your terrible messenger.”

4. The Seed Of Ages
Nal 1:4-5 concerning the Seed of LORDS, we all, Races and Clans of the firmament, do dwell under it’s power. A Seed of deliverance to those who know.

Nal 6:13-16 A Word. THE Word. The true name of the Lurker at the Threshold, the birth title of the Creeping Nightmare of Ages. Speak this name and commandeth all, this Word, this Name; TSORTHOTH AK AL’BAHHARRAH YUTHOG YOG’SOTHOTH HAK-TAR HABABKKUK MALEFACTUS. Be gone and forgotten be Moses, Leviticus, Joshua, Samuel, all Man-Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, the blasphemous Man-Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, yet Ruth shall be saved for the goated fruits of her loins. Seweth this Seed by tongue and groweth thine vine of desolation and undo works forever that of the disgraced Jehovah.


Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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