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Joined: 25 Sep 2003
Posts: 3770
Location: Iddheim

PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:10 pm    Post subject: LOOSE THREADS Reply with quote

Projekt Child Of Destruction:
- Locate the lost town of Jadd.

FRANZKOPF, and his desire to meet in the dreamlands.
What has he told the SSD?
Is he an SSD spy after all?

Reverance Amar Mushtaq of Ulthar (Dreamlands), why has he severed contact?

Expedition to the source of the Nile, to find the last Star Temple.

Learn more about the Stygian Clefts and Vinculum, and how best to utilise them.
How much do the MITTEKRIES really know about them?
Who is working them now? Did these people open them?

The ASTRAL WAMPYR attack at PROTIVIN CASTLE, who sent them?
Have they passed on any information and to whom?
Can an ASTRAL WAMPYR really be trapped within the CRYSTAL LANTERN? What then?
PROTIVIN is no longer the seat of the KOALITION due to this event, 'C' ordered the move to KONDOR, but is PROTIVIN safe for use at all?

Why would he call on forces to attack his own armoured train?

What was the story behind HESS? Is there a way to ever know now?

Herr KRIEG of the GESTAPO is on the trail of ZELL-NEUN, but how close is he?
Is he alone? Is he working to someone specifically?
How many people around you can you trust?

Only DREHER has seen Colonel KONRAD in person during a delusion deep within the DEVIL'S EAR (Vinculum) in Italy. How did that vision come about? Has KONRAD really been there? Does KONRAD actually exist?

Projekt ORE continues but what was the purpose of the iron bathosphere?
Why did Colonel TRAGAN (dead) hand a container of the human fluids substance to a 'broken hound' within?
Is there really a Glyphstone under the bathosphere as suspected?

In the STAR TEMPLE, Afrika, how can a 3000 year old frieze depict cultures that did not appear until at least a thousand years later?
Where did FLIESCHER 'go' when he had his little episode in the STAR TEMPLE, Afrika?
Why, in NORTH AFRIKA, did an old monk scribble a RITUAL TO THE HYDRA in charcoal on the wall of an outhouse?

Who or what is Codename: RIECHSFREUND?
What is his/her/its role within the MITTEKRIES?

Are the British SOE involved in any way? Is there any evidence to link them?

DRITTESAUGE's LIBRARY has been moved to KONDOR. Lots of toys and books. Who can be trusted with any of it?

No information is coming out of the NORTH SEA since the sinkhole event. What happened?
Has the site been destroyed?
MILCHCOW submarine activity in the area has ceased but intensified in nearby regions. Why?
Can Captain ROGGE of the HSK ATLANTIS be of any further use?

SHIKELGREUBER has changed. Does he pose a threat to the cell?

VJ had stolen the MALAFACTUS (40th book of the Old Testament) and smuggled it aboard the HSK ATLANTIS. Why? What was he going to do with it?

What part does the THULE SOCIETY play in all of this?
Who are the 'SCHWARZER SONNE KULT' (Black Sun Cult) and are they linked to the THULE SOCIETY?

DREHER is spying on the ANGEL OF DEATH (Joseph Mengele) at AUCHWITZ-BERKENAU. Horrible human experiments are taking place there. To what end? How much longer can DREHER remain undercover?
What is PROJEKT #408, and why is it linked to the submarine pens in NORWAY?

COLONEL LANKUR, the head of an EINSATZGRUPPEN unit known as SS-SEPTEMBER (under the larger SSD umbrella) seems to be deeply involved. What is his story? Where is he now? Who does he answer to? What's with all the custom face and body armour?
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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Joined: 19 Oct 2003
Posts: 136
Location: An insignificant rock in the arse end of the Universe

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 4:31 pm    Post subject: Notes on outstanding stuff Reply with quote

Lets get the security reccommendations for KONDOR done... Done

Allow Prof.Happly to continue her research on the Child Of Destruction parchment fragments, and Projekt:WILDMAN... Done

Lets locate the lost town of Jadd (which has been on the joblist since year dot)... Set NPC Professor on it (assisted by Major Shikelgruber before he jaunts off to Russia). Seiler to cut through red tape. Make sure enough heavies are provided to avoid assholes ruining it like last time. Major Peters to assist in defences and beating the crap out of anyone who shows up before Russia trip. Recommend assignment of UJ team to this task (If failure continues we may have to have an adventure around this as we cannot crap about much longer with it). Mittekries obviously going for a Child of Destruction themselves.

Allow Alice Schwiliche to lead the project on what the chemical was that the SS were manufacturing in the basement of the Ore Mountain Processing Plant... Done

Lets decide on a site for EAGLE... Done and prepared with aid of the Baron. Experiments ongoing.

Then Prof.Happly can experiment on the nature of the Glyphstone and lay line significance... Addendum: Unit and support to go to Star Temple in Africa/North Sea to return with Glyphstone (or did we have one at Eagle already?). Full briefings on new 8th Army Special Units to be given by me. Peters’ assistance dependent on time before Russian jaunt

Lets find out what Franzkopf is up to... Being an asshole in the Dreamlands at a guess

What are the SSD doing and does Franzkopf work for them... Being Mittekries assholes and Is the Pope a Catholic?

Lets finish off the expedition to the source of the Nile... Not relevant yet as Star Temple in Libya still available (Mission after Russia if Libya one fails again)

Try to find out who/what was behind the events in the Dreamlands... Ask Ammar Mushtaq. How can this help win the war and defeat the Mittekries? Can we trap Franzkopf here? Can be send a load of gemstones through that globe and use them to hire a hit squad to go after Franzkopf?

Get to the Ghoul Sage, Ammar Mushtaq of Ulthar (Dreamlands), and get some long awaited answers (one of which might actually save your life, VJ)... Find out what pissed him off, make apologies and brutalise whoever caused it with extreme prejudice

Find out who is opening up the Stygian Clefts / Vinculum... Other than us? Probably Mittekries

Track down / learn of whether or not the two trapped Astral Wampyr ratted you all out, and if so who too... Can we do this with that lantern thing? Heydrich at a guess

What is Reichsprotektor Heydrich's involvment with the Wampyr... He’s the Mittekries occult head honcho. He is summoning them

Why was his armoured train attacked by a Darkwing all those months ago, while Heydrich was aboard... See above. They were after us and our find

Follow up on the lead of increased Milchcow acitivity at the North Sea seabed standing stone site... Need a proper survey of that area. Potential Glyphstone retrieval spot. Also Hyberborea-Thule connection. EXTREME CAUTION REQUIRED (See Hyberborea-Thule)

Investigate more on who the hell Herr Krieg of the Gestapo is and who is pulling his strings... Avoid this guy for now (Target 3?) and sodding Heydrich again

What the christ was going on in the steel dome room between SS-Col. Tragan and the broken Hound, two years ago... Reichsfreund. Send Andy’s character to deep cover in Auschwitz or wherever to discover what he can about what is going on there.

How in the world can a mad old Monk come to scribble a ritual to the Hydra on the wall of his outhouse in charcoal in Afrika... This occult thing is all over the bloody place. Half expecting my gran to use it in preparing her excellent Sauerkraut and sausages

Who/What is Codename:RIECHSFREUND... Dreher to continue his fine work

Where did Fliescher 'go' when he had his little episode in the Star Temple in Afrika... Future? Another dreamplace? The Third Party (Reichsfreund)? I imagine they are not friendly but how do I get a bomb through?

How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb (just making sure you're paying attention)... What are they doing out of the kitchen?

Do the Mittekries know anything 'real' about the Koalition... Guaranteed.

Was Hess a trap after all, and if so, who exposed him to the Hound... God knows. May be the third player in this.

How can a 3000 year old Frieze depict cultures that did not exist for several thousand years after the frieze was carved... Time Viewing seems to be one of these creatures advantages…but they don’t have tanks and panzerfausts Cool

Why did Dreher see Colonel Konrad in a delusion, deep inside the Devil's Ear in Italy (location of the Stygian Cleft and Vinculum)... He was there (See previous comment). Set NPC Assassin with ALL available information onto Konrad’s ass. He can summon baddies but he ain’t bullet proof. Doubt he’s precognitive enough to dodge a sniper’s bullet.

Secondary target: Franzkopf (Need to locate him first)

Tertiary target: Krieg (Just because he bugs me)

How deeply does the influence of the British SOE go in all of this (if at all)... Almost clueless I would surmise. Prepare to use this lot as an emergency fall back if Koalition gets wiped. Someone needs to continue the fight. Eww…defeatist. BRB. Going to blow up something.

What is Kraemer up to these days... Walt’s old character? Enlist to assist with transport for Afrika group


Other Stuff I remember

THE BOOK Under Koenig’s permanent guard (no one touches without my express permission delivered by me in person). To be read by ??? What language was it in and who reads that language?

Eye glyphs from Dreitesauge’s apartment To be used defending the base

The many coffins from the sea Back to base with them. Let the eggheads play with them. Supposition: Mittekries creating an alternative army of Wildmen

Hyperborea-Thule Sunken island as per Atlantis legend? Supposition: Located in the same area as our new Vinculum (Didn’t do nothing guvnor). It is of extreme interest to Mittekries so I want to have a look first. If we can get these portal things to work, may be one down to there. We can pop down to the North Sea one I would guess and this place is more important, so likely to have one itself. It may be accessible by U-Boat or Atlantis. Survey mission needed if we can neutralise whatever that Thing is down there. Someone to research all available texts on the area (disturbances, old sea legends: especially Viking, old maps, etc.). NPC Researcher on this rather than Jadd? Or after Jadd)

Preparation for Commie Land Seiler to prepare documents and equipment (captured Russian & German)
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." H P Lovecraft
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Joined: 25 Sep 2003
Posts: 3770
Location: Iddheim

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Details on The Book (Malefactus) can be found in this thread.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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