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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 10:56 am    Post subject: ZELLE-VIER REPORT Reply with quote


December 17th 1941



ZELLE-VIER [Cell-Four] are a small KOALITION field team that report directly to the OBERE ECHELON. Their skills lie ostensibly within the field of the occult and most often operate without much in the way of direct assistance or external help, i.e., a self reliant and largely autonomous unit.

ZELLE-VIER have considerable contacts within DER VERSTECKT and make excellent use of this underground network for the transportation of reports and items.

** ROSTER **

Operational Leader of ZELLE-VIER. 41yoa. Married (KRASS, Angle Mr.) with one daughter (SCHUMANN, Lindi Mrs.). Family home located in Bremen. Well educated (Doctorates in Ancestral History and Philosophy) and practising psychologist. MAJOR KRASS has been a part of the KOALITION since it's inception, and her name appeared on ADMIRAL CANARIS' BLAUE LISTE[1].

<Played by Mike>

<Played by Kev>


ZELLE-VIER's last assignment was OPERATION VATER [FATHER], to ascertain ANTON DREXLER's[2] suitability for becoming an agent of the KOALITION as part of the ongoing investigation into the activities of the THULE SOCIETY[3] and the MITTEKRIES.

CODENAME VATER assignment is still active but has been temporarily placed on hold as ZELLE-VIER joins ZELLE-NEUN [Cell-Nine] for the duration of OPERATION PETER.

[1] BLAUE LISTE [Blue List]. A list of names that ADMIRAL CANARIS knew that he could trust and wanted to be included on the first wave of KOALITION indoctrination's.

[2] ANTON DREXLER. Borne 1884 in Bavaria, 58yoa. Resides in Berlin. Founded the German Workers Party in 1918. Academically recorded as being the real father of the Nationalist Socialist movement in Germany. In 1921 HITLER and his allies wrestled power from DREXLER and immediately assumed credit for the movement. Today, DREXLER has been forced behind the scenes and is being systematically written out of the Party's history and largely becoming forgotten. The progress of OPERATION VATER was going well as all three members of ZELLE-VIER were able to secure membership by use of their forged Nazi Party memberships; backed up by their knowledge of the occult the society was welcoming. Efforts to contact DREXLER were only partly successful but initial contacts revealed a deeply resentful man of failing health who, according to MAJOR KRASS' assessment, should respond well to manipulation.

[3] THULE SOCIETY. A secretive and exclusive society of historians, scholars and those with an interest in ancestry and philosophy. The society is organised in a cell structure with each local cell being led by a long standing local member and often politically active figure. The society is filled with rite and ritual of an almost pagan nature, pertaining to none of the world's major religious foundations. Members deal in knowledge and mythology, and often fund enterprises of a socially uncomfortable nature. Since the rise of the Nazi Party the society has found renewed vibrancy and wealth care of its newer Nazi membership, and they brought with them new iconography not the least of which being the BLACK SUN. One of the founding missions of the THULE SOCIETY, initially devised as an eccentric folly between bored amateur historians, fringe cultists and dilettantes, is to locate and unlock the secrets of a place known in certain literatures as HYPERBOREA-THULE (also known as "ULTIMA THULE", the gateway to other worlds).
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