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USR:> MCP Loose Threads (18-08-06)

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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 5:15 pm    Post subject: USR:> MCP Loose Threads (18-08-06) Reply with quote

CHAPTER 0011: SOCIAL WAR (Due for release in the Winter of 2006. Check press for details.)

Why are Public Security not following up on the RTA as rigorously as one might expect?
How can Isumi's 'quick hack' hold out for so long?
What makes the crew of the ARGUS #103 so special?
Who was the officer that died in the RTA?
Who / what was Officer Anthony Prichard chasing when the rig hit him?
[Taiki] Why a specialist container polymer, Bio-Mex6, present in the crash sample taken?
[Taiki] What was Iwoku talking about when he said that Prichard's file looked "iffy"?
[Taiki] And now that Iwoku is no longer on-side will he ever tell you what he knows?

What is the threat of terrorist activity within the DoPS all about? Have the Global Islamic Caliphate infiltrated DoPS in order to carry out their threats on the Edwards Space Elevator?
How many other crews have Public Security Section1 approached about this threat? Why the bond of secrecy?
What is Metropolitan Investigator Togusa's involvement in all of this? What's with his grumpy colleague?

Why was the ARGUS scheduled to a wrecking yard in the Wilds?
Why were the bodies of several badly mutilated bozosoku in the waste containers?
Who were the bozosoku that turned up mob-handed and packing heat? How did they know what was going on?
Why would the Yakuza orchestrate such an elaborate situation? What do they get out of it? Could it have been a test?

How many more tests will there be? Where does it end?

Why were GDoPS female workers being targeted with petty assaults?
Isumi was one of the victims (but not the last) - how is she linked to the others?
Why have the attacks seemingly stopped all of a sudden?
Was Kiyoshi behind this after all? How can he confirm this in his current state?
[Jonny] Who exactly are Jin Sun Kwai, Oshiku Mai (dead) and Sanko Muikai and who/what are they associated with?

[Jonny] Sanko Muikai is still at large, could he provide another angle?

Who/what is OBIKAI and is (s)he/it relevant to anything?
What is the Conscious Liberation hoo-har all about? Is it actually relevant to anything or just jabberings from the lunatic fringe?
So it’s not just jabberings, but what exactly is its nature?

Why are some people in the city acting so out of character? (Random acts of kindness & benevolence / random acts of violence & depravity.) Why does it seem to get worse day after day?
Why is there talk in the constructs of 'something changing'?
Something feels like it's changing … but what? The city isn't the same place it used to be.
Is the new condition called Mega-Conurbation Psychosis an explanation? Isn't that just another fancy modern term for Stress?
Could MCP be covering up for something else? Could it be this Society Gestalt that Isumi described?
What is the source of the strange feelings that Isumi – and Taiki, if Isumi is to be believed – says she has been feeling of late?
Now that they are ‘purged’, do they know anything about what they went through?
Are her (and by implication, Taiki’s) nightmares causal or symptomatic?
Has the cause of the strange behaviours been addressed by the government's general security public health alert? Is cranial and neck implant technology to blame after all?

Who is Kiyoshi – the person from Isumi’s past – and how is he connected to this (if at all)?
Who or what does he need rescuing/protecting from?
What can be done with him afterwards (if Isumi is right, he needs constant life support)?

Will the new hideout in the Mid-Wilds be sufficient? Aymi and Tenrikyo intend to stay with him there, but can they be trusted? Can members of Yoshi's old Bozosoku gang be trusted?

If Kiyoshi says that he is ‘your only weapon’, how can he be used, and against what?
What use can he be in his current state? Will Kiyoshi ever be able to tell his side of the story?
Why did Kiyoshi rig his hub to fuse when he disconnected himself? Did Tenrikyo or Aymi know about this?

Why was Aymi looking after Kiyoshi anyway?
If she has considered suicide in her recent past how reliable can her mental state be?
What about Aymi's N-WORK 'Elf' mind control conspiracy theory, could this explain what's going on?
[Jonny] Psychologically speaking, Aymi is in a very dangerous place indeed. Who can help her through it? Is her budding relationship with Yoshi a help or hindrance?

Did Kiyoshi lock himself away with AI-Tenrikyo from the beginning, nearly 10 years ago?
The Prius GEN10 model was recalled 10 years ago due to a 'personality fault'. Tenrikyo is a PG10. This may explain his quirks but is he dangerous?

What exactly was Project HARP?

The Minister for Society says that the city "isn't going mad," does he know what he's talking about? Is he involved? If he is, how far into the government can it go?
What is the purpose of the political Coalition lobbying against the Prime Minister? Whose agenda is being followed?
How will the PM react to losing a vote of No Confidence?
Tjimi Shing has been implicated with the Coalition but to what end?
Gina Kai Oon, the Defence Secretary and CinC of the armed forces, is also implicated. What is she up to?
Who was behind the assassination of Hokai Kwan, the previous Deputy Prime Minister? Was Kwan the intended target or was it a member of the Corporate negotiators team?

Who leaked the fragment of The LEVIATHAN ACT to the media?
What forces within the government would be considering Social Contracts?


[Taiki] Who is stalking Koko? How are they able to keep track of her movements so accurately?
[Taiki] What if she talks to the police and decides to press charges?

[Taiki] Who wrote the poison pen letter, addressed to Koko, that was delivered to your apartment?
[Taiki] Has Mimi disappeared?
[Taiki] When you look into the eyes of some people why do you feel violated? Why is Isumi the only member of the crew that makes you feel this way?
[Taiki] Why do you sometimes know things about people that you shouldn't?

[Taiki] Are you losing your mind?
[Taiki] Now that you remember that you were doing things subconsciously, just exactly who from your past was actually real, and how long ago did this all start?
[Taiki] Does Mimi actually exist, and if ZM/Mimi are actually you, how much of the MoonPalace is real? You've never met these people in the daylight. How can you be in several places at once?
[Taiki] What have the Nautilus Girls got to do with all this?
[Taiki] Where is this feeling of tranquility and belonging coming from? What's changed?

[Taiki] Do you miss those feelings of unconditional belonging?
[Taiki] Now that Koko knows some of the truth, is it over?
[Taiki] How hard is it going to be to get Iwoku back on side?
[Taiki] Kiyoshi's "gift from the Kami": Why can you still see shadows when you close your eyes? Why does Tenrikyo glow white while all other shadows appear dark?
[Taiki] Health Alert: Screening indicates all clear. Is it that simple?

[Jonny] When did Public Security Section1 Metropolitan Investigators start driving around high performance cars that don't show up as being registered to Public Security?
[Jonny] Is Investigator Togusa who he says he is? What's with his moody-looking partner?
[Jonny] Why has your brother, Captain Sasaki Otsuka, gone missing leaving his young wife and two children behind?
[Jonny] Is the dead Section1 Captain that was found in the Funabashi district Sasaki? If so, why haven't PubSec informed his wife about this?
[Jonny] Why are the authorities dragging their feet with arranging a formal identification?
[Jonny] Municipal Investigator Maki Tahakihoto has been put on the 'missing persons' case. Is he all he appears to be?
[Jonny] What does a woman like Keiko see in a withdrawn couch-case like you?
[Jonny] Was it a mistake to keep your Public Security past a secret from the crew?
[Jonny] Things seem to be getting hot around here, people are going to start relying on you; it’s been a while since anyone did that. Can you still hack that kind of responsibility? Could you trust anyone else if it came to it?
[Jonny] Things aren't going well with trying to get back into the fold with the Rho Squad, have all bridges been burnt?
[Jonny] Health Alert: Screening indicates all clear. Is it that simple?

[Isumi] Why is she having nightmares and being plagued by waking dreams?
[Isumi] Who is this person from her past that she says is 'looking for her'?
[Isumi] Why and how is Kiyoshi contacting her?
[Isumi] What was her real past? Why is Makoto so very protective of her?
[Isumi] Are there any more skeletons in her (voluminous) closet?
[Isumi] Why can she not look Taiki in the eye anymore, always seemingly avoiding his gaze? Are they really both ‘experiencing’ the same thing?

[Isumi] Could Isumi and Taiki find some kind of support in each other by recovering from the same condition?
[Isumi] It's pretty clear that Aymi and Isumi don't get along, they both seem to have an emotional connection with Kiyoshi. Could this become a bigger problem?
[Isumi] Health Alert: Screening indicates all clear. Is it that simple?

[Makoto] Why did Isumi suddenly decide to tell you about Kiyoshi, a lover from her past?
[Makoto] What exactly was Project HARP?[/color]
[Makoto] Was Project HARP cancelled? Is there any evidence that it ever existed, and how could you get to it if there is?
[Makoto] How can random people in the street talk to Isumi as if they know about her past?
[Makoto] If you couldn’t protect her from this, how can you be sure you can protect her at all anymore?
[Makoto] If she can lie about you two running from the Yakuza, what else has she not told you?
[Makoto] What if she is 'back to her old tricks' to maintain her expensive lifestyle?
[Makoto] Just what exactly was this Kiyoshi fella up to and why, after nearly ten years, is he starting to pull Isumi’s strings? Can you protect her from herself and this guy at the same time?
[Makoto] What about Aymi, the dangerous street-chick, and that eerie AI, Tenrikyo? Are they dangerous?

[Yoshi] Why would the ARGUS rig be scheduled to collect two crates with the bodies of several Redbaldes inside them? Did any of them recognise you?
[Yoshi] Who have the Redblades pissed off? Is it a co-incidence that it was your crew that was scheduled to collect the waste?

[Yoshi] Since when did the Yaks give a f@%k about small time bozosoku? Is it something bigger?
[Yoshi] Bluto has threatened revenge on the Redblades for hospitalising his younger brother Shenju for a while now. Why is he acting out of character by holding back? Is Bluto’s behaviour linked to the crates in some way?
[Yoshi] Why did your Parole Officer suddenly have a change of heart with regard to your latest Parole Release Contract renewal?
[Yoshi] What did he do with the [incriminating] information on the RTA that you sent to him?
[Yoshi] Is Millan really 'getting too old for this s&$t' or is he just out of practice?
[Yoshi] Can the guys keep an eye on the hideout without winding up Aymi? It's clear that some of the guys don't like her, could this become a problem?
[Yoshi] Its been a long while since you heard from your sister. Is she okay?
[Yoshi] That Aymi chick likes you. She’s legal, and cute, but maybe a bit crazy. High maintenance probably. Reasons why not?
[Yoshi] You and Aymi are getting close but she bottles up her feelings. Is it just a phase?

[The Guv] How long can you keep your business partner in check? What if the crew start to pick up on the problems?
[The Guv] Why has your crew suddenly found itself in the middle of all this confusion? Who on the crew isn't telling the complete truth? (Perhaps it would be quicker to ask who is!)
[The Guv] Who else still hasn’t revealed all of their cards?
[The Guv] Are the kids actually safe in England? What if dangerous people know about them?
[The Guv] Now that you know Makoto is Isumi's brother, and that they are hiding from the Yakuza, can you really protect them as you promised you would? Could Isumi or Makoto's past be catching up with them, and by association, you?
[The Guv] Now that you know the truth - that they are running from the government and not just the Yaks - how dangerous have these two just become to be around?
[The Guv] Secrets within secrets. How long can the crew hold together? Will the truths hurt or heal?
[The Guv] Is Taiki really losing his mind? What can you do to help if he won't let you in? What damage could he do?
[The Guv] What are you going to do about the offensive emails found in the ARGUS' mail relay core?
[The Guv] Can this Kiyoshi guy really help Taiki?
[The Guv] Is he who he used to be? Any damage? Can he take it?
[The Guv] What do you do with Kiyoshi once you ‘rescue’ him?

[The Guv] The crew have sorted out a good hideout for Kiyoshi. Whose safety are you actually looking out for?
[The Guv] Aymi and that weird AI called Tenrikyo – extra baggage not planned for. Risky? Are their motivations clear?
[The Guv] No word from "Mr Lee" about the prison truck job. Worried?
[The Guv] Who is sending dataminers into the rig's computer core? What are they looking for? Is it just your rig? Can the bots be traced?
[The Guv] What about the other rigs in your district? Hubert Gant (#104); Adam Collier (#101); Kojin Atama (#102), the one Isumi fitted up for the RTA.

[Masa] Why won't that dick-Jonny just lay off for five minutes? What's his problem anyway (aside from being a head case)?
[Masa] Aymi is cool, and hot. How do you get her away from that throttle-jockey Yoshi and make her notice you instead..?
[Masa] Health Alert: Screening indicates all clear. Is it that simple?
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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Joined: 25 Sep 2003
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

#I always feel like, somebody's watching me-eeee.
And I get no privacy! Oh-oh-oh.#

Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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Joined: 25 Sep 2003
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 1:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I know these are a bit out of date ATM. Will get them done when we break for a spot of <insert game name here>, ready for the return.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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