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PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2006 3:09 pm    Post subject: CONCERNING Aymi Reply with quote

“The city is turning crazy and I reckon I know why as well. You wanna know? You want me to tell yer ‘bout it? Okay. I might have been living in a warehouse for a couple of years but I did sneak out every now and then. I keep my finger on the pulse. As my old dad used to say, ‘intelligence is the most important part of any campaign.’ Or somethin’ like that anyway.

“Mind control. That’s what it is. Some kind of mind control waves coming from the net hub relay nodes scattered about the whole city. Electro magnetic Elf waves or somethin’. Anyway, the thing is, most of the relay hubs in the city were put up by a company called N-WORK; they make cyber bits as well. No connection? A dozen other companies own bits of the network and are involved in cyber parts? Yeah, well, get this: the N-WORK CEO is lady called Helen Verwayen. Rumour was that she was involved in developing a secret mind control weapon during the 2019 Middle East war; people said that the work was for the American Empire. The thing is, the UN got wind of it and there was this big hoo-har about it. All pretty hush-hush but memo’s were leaked and apparently the UN had the programme shut down.

“A few years later N-WORK were back in the news cos they were being taken to the Corporate Courts by Ogre & North for espionage. Apparently N-WORK had nicked some mind farming technology from them. Weird thing was that the two companies settled out of court. Loads of people suspected somethin’ dodgy but no-one could prove anything.

“Don’t yer get it? N-WORK have come up with somethin’ that works and they’re using it now! All those relays are kicking out mind control signals and makin’ everyone with cortex implants do things. Bit like hypnosis I reckon. That’s why I’ve been rippin’ those jacks out of people. No telling how long that stuff stays working after the body has …

“Anyway, gotta make sure, especially when I’ve got Kiyoshi and that bag of bolts to look after. Aint no-one else is there. I don’t know why they is after Kiyoshi though. Never worked that one out, and he never told me. Said it was for my own good. He spoke through Tenrikyo sometimes.

“I hate to say it but I’m glad my dad never let me get my neck pierced like all the others. I’d probably be a zombie now if I did; one of them poor suckers that I had to … well, yer know.

“I’m not a psycho you know. I don’t like doing all that. And the way that bitch looks at me anyone would think I was some kind of monster! Yeah, well, whatever. What does she know anyway.”
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