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17 May 1941:CHAPTER VI - 'Big Picture Update'

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:52 am    Post subject: 17 May 1941:CHAPTER VI - 'Big Picture Update' Reply with quote

Hi all!

Downtime & Outstanding Matters of Concern
Just as a heads up, we're at the end of Chapter VI - 'The Tiger's Lair' now and looking down the barrel of a few weeks of downtime before the next step. As always, the next step is not set in stone and is up for discussion. So with regard to the few weeks of downtime if you would put some thought into what you want to achieve (assuming events do not hijack the time off that is) then this would save time on the night and allow us to speed on to the next Chapter.
Just to jog your memories here is a list of (ever growing) outstanding business...

  • Projekt Kondor - Site security plans; Project priority; Obtaining a Rik'Shavall (glyphstone - source of the Nile?).
  • Projekt Eagle - Locate a good site to construct the facility (an ancient yet remote druidic lay line site).
  • Search for Jadd - To hopefully shed light on the Flagstone of Jadd required element to the Child Of Destruction ritual (to be researched at Kondor).
  • Colonel Konrad - Who, where and what is he up to.
  • Devil's Ear Glyph - Studies thereof.
  • North Sea, Suspicious U-boat Activity - What are they up to now?
  • The Journey - Follow Drittesauge on his mind-journey 'outside of our box'.

Drittesauge's Arrival In Rome
Just to speed things along a touch; Drittesauge will be showing up in Rome and will track you lot down with the help of the Versteckt. He will be, obviously, deeply intrigued by the possibility of a Stygian Cleft and a Vinculum in close proximity and will surely be pressing for a visit to both as soon as he arrives. Also, after looking at your photo's of the bonechalk Glyph he will want to see it first hand. He'll also request, rather ominously, that if his suspicions are correct that you may need the camera again!
As an explanation of his recent absence he will simply state that he was "elsewhere" at the time. After hearing about Dreher and the possible risk that he presents Drittesauge offers to put in a word with the Koalition to call on the administrations of the Doktor and perhaps a "short interview" with Korruptionmörder.

Personal Objectives
Also, seeing as we're coming to a big crossroads with regard to the game and you've all had time to get to grips with the way things are, it's now time to concentrate a little on personal issues as well as grappling with the grand design. To this end, I would like each player to come up with a list of personal Objectives to be achieved within the short (days or weeks) and long (months, years even) terms. No limit on either but please do come up with at least two of each.

That is all.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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