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19 Feb 1941:CHAPTER V - Ödland-Sturm - 'CROSSED ROAD'

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:31 am    Post subject: 19 Feb 1941:CHAPTER V - dland-Sturm - 'CROSSED ROAD' Reply with quote

HAZARD CHAPTER V "dland-Sturm"

=Transmission Incoming=
=Silent Bird Encoded=
=Keyphrase:'CROSSED ROAD'=
=Message Begins=

Wednesday, 19th February, 1941.

04:15hrs, Catacombs Beneath the Suuni Mosque, Southern Suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt.
Excavations into the wall of the crumbling catacombs goes fairely well. Schneider, Leiben and Shickelgreube working well at the hole all striving to uncover more of the facing stone that (according to Leiben) must be the far side of the Star Temple Rik-Sha'vall (trans: Blackened/Death Shrine) end chamber.

The wind kicked up again. Stronger than ever, thicker in dust and sand so as to make breathing difficult. All knew what was soon to come. But how many this time?

04:25hrs, Catacombs Beneath the Suuni Mosque, Southern Suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt.
Weapons were begining to jam up in the dust. Leiben and Keonig did what they could to clean out the firearms but neather seemed too confident about future reliability. They seem to think that any kind of sustained fire will result in a jam. Heidi had been stripped and cleaned twice now.

More of the facing stone was revealed. Schneider beleived that within the hour he could have the thing open one way or another (not discounting Peters' eagerness to blow the stone in).

04:45hrs, Catacombs Beneath the Suuni Mosque, Southern Suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt.
A decision was made to sent someone back up to the surface to elliminate the Temple Guardian, the beleived cause of the Sand Nabutii. Peters set off for the mission alone. Before long the strong wind was back, just as Peters located a small Chapel within an unexplored section of the catacombs after following a trail of sandal-shod footprints leading in from the ropeladder. The Temple Guardian was down here already!

Within the Chapel a large 8ft innert Sand Nabutii stood. Nearby were a set of red robes and a pair of dusty sandals. No body. Then the Nabutii animated and pursued Peters thru the tunnels at almost human running speed. Withstanding direct impacts from two Panzerfaust shots the creature seemed hardly slowed, baring straight for the point of excavation.

Several other Sand Nabutii were heard closing in on the excavation point. Schneider, Fleischer and Keonig set to recieve the onslaught.

04:52hrs, Catacombs Beneath the Suuni Mosque, Southern Suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt.
Peters was chased back to the crossroads that was held by Fleischer and Koenig, the two blasted away at the giant with all guns blazing. The beast was not stopped and proceeded to rampage straight through Fleischer wounding him seriously.

Further down at the excavation point Schneider had his hands full with a Sand Nabutii that had come round the back tunnel. One grenade and at least an entire magazine later he was forced to retreat back past the hole. The hole that a terrified Leiben was still hiding within. The Sand Nabutii stopped at the hole and started to reach in - Leiben froze with fear.

Peters and Keonig chased the major Sand Nabutii, now beleived to be housing the Temple Guardian himself in some manner, and in a hail of gunfire managed to bring the titan down. Blood oozing from the within the cracks and craters on its sandstone surface. At that very same instand all other Sand Nabutii crumbled to the floor.

Fleischer was tended to be Shickelgreube; in a bad way with broken nose, possible fractured skull and neck. But alive.

Leiben came round to see a the reaching arm of a Sand Nabutii grasping for him. Sten in arm he did the only thing he could. He opened fire. Schneider, reaching in to snap Leiben out of it, took the full, fatal brunt of the gunfire. Leiben, upon eventually realising what he had mistakenly done, went slightly mad [and is now the proud owner of Exposure:2 and a major Insanity:The Tremours. Ed].

05:15hrs, Catacombs Beneath the Suuni Mosque, Southern Suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt.

Peters explored the Star Temple beyond and all then set about rigging the place to blow. Shickelgreube used up two films photographing as much of the writings as possible [about 60% taken - no idea how well the photos will turn out. Ed].

06:00hrs, Catacombs Beneath the Suuni Mosque, Southern Suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt.
From the saftey of the tunnels, moments after the English started to move back into the temple to complete the lifting of the round flagstone, Peters detonated the explosives.

Fleischer became oddly delerious repeating odd passages in Hebrew along the lines of "The scource of uncleanness, the scource of uncleanness, the scource of uncleanness..." after declaring through the agony of his injuries that "Something is coming after us!"

06:10hrs, Garden of the Suuni Mosque, Southern Suburbs of Alexandria, Egypt.
Back in the morning sunlight all made for immediate shelter and hiding in the Temple garden shed. A column of pale smoke rising into the sky fromt he direction of Site #119. Scheiders body left to the catacombs. Altho once inside it turned out that the shed was in fact some kind of make-shift shrine featuring a 1ft tall cast iron Idol in the shap of a muscular sub-human beast missing a head but with a gaping tooth-rimmed maw where it's neck should have been. Shicklegreube summised that this must be a depiction of the entity refered to as 'The Hydra'. Behind the shrine, on the wall, written in charcole, an egyptian hyroglyphic passage was written. He studdied it for a moment and then rubbed it from the wall with a rag stating that he was erasing it for the 'good of all Humanity'.

At that very instant a minor earthquake shook the area for a few brief moments and Fliescher roused from his drug induced sleep gibbering "It's gone now. It's gone back home. The temple is destroyed."

=End Of Transmission=
=Keyphrase Reset=

Next we need to discuss options. I'm gonna wiz over the journey home (make a few arbitary rolls here and there) and wind time on a bit, depending on what people think should be done next.
Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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