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Eratosthenes:> Large Calibre Pistol

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 6:06 pm    Post subject: Eratosthenes:> Large Calibre Pistol Reply with quote

As was noted at the last breifing there are limited stats for a suitable large calibre semi-auto pistol. So rather than compile another 'generic' class of firearm we have dug out specs for the Hammerhead:

H&K AP4 11.5mm 'Hammerhead'
One of the best large calibre automatic pistols available today. It combine s a heavy round with a reasonable effective range. When used in Rapid Fire mode this pistols has impressive short range stopping power.
COMPETENCE: Handguns > Hammerhead
INJURY: Fractures / Haemorrhaging.
MUNITIONS: NP, DP, Gel, (HiEx), (HESH), TAggeR.
CAPACITY: 13 rounds (spring-feed magazine).
GEAR: Green-Dot Close Combat Sight (+1 GRADE base INJURY when used at short range); Shock-reduction Grip.
NOTES: Rapid Fire (burn off ~6 rounds for +1 GRADE base INJURY when used at short range); Frequent use of HiEx/HESH rounds will damage the weapon.
• Gun-Fu Magazine. Weighted magazine that, when placed on the ground, balances in an upright position.
• Grip Recognition Security. Programmable grip-pattern recognition security system.
• Carbide Ceramics. Ceramic version of this weapon that evades most scanners.
• Extended Barrel. Barrel is twice normal length offering an EFF RANGE of 40m (60m if rested) for non-rapid fire. (Not compatible with Breach Reinforcement or 'Steadyhand' Gyro.)
• Breach Reinforcement. Allows the use of HiEx and HESH rounds. (Not compatible with Extended Barrel.)
• 'Steadyhand' Muzzle Gyro Module. EFF RANGE of 40m, +1 Special when at least 1 is used. (Not compatible with any other kind of barrel or rack modifications/additions.)
• Rubberised Shock Pads. Weapon is extremely tolerant to being dropped / thrown / jarred.

Pro's over the lighter 6mm APDP standard sidearm:
1/ Damage boost for close range shot without having to go Rapid Fire.
2/ Capable of firing HiEx and HESH rounds.

With all bonuses in effect (at point blank range with rapid fire) this pumps out a maximum of DEADLY+3 [+1 for Green Dot, +1 for Rapid Fire, +3 for Point Blank]. Note that the 6mm APDP can do DEADLY+3 under the same conditions but the Hammerhead, shot for shot, will lay out more damage for the ammo spent in a typical gunfight due to not having to Rapid Fire all the time to get the Green-Dot boost.

Eratosthenes Team
R&D Division

Elements of the past and future combining to make something not quite as good as either.
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